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Players show solidarity

While Penn State football coach Bill O'Brien went on Mike and Mike on Wednesday morning to talk about his programs, two of his Mikes did some talking of their own.

Zordich was one of two players that spoke on Wednesday morning.

Seniors Mike Zordich and Michael Mauti took turns addressing a small group of media at the Lasch practice facility while a group of about 30 of their teammates stood behind them in a show of support.

The message? The NCAA sanctions handed down Monday against Penn State will not deter the current Nittany Lions.

"We take this as an opportunity to create our own legacy," Mauti said. "This program was not built by one man and it's sure as hell not gonna get torn down by one man. This program was built on every alumni, every single player that came before us, built on their backs."

Mauti and Zordich, both sons of former Penn State players, asked the university's massive fan and alumni base for their continued support and promised to fight hard for them.

"When we go out there every Saturday, we suit up, for our teammates first of all, but second of all for the fans, the students, and all the families in Nittany Nation that supported us through all this," Zordich said. "We're going to do everything in our power to make them proud and we're going to do everything in our power to get this place back on track.

"I'm personally calling out every member of Nittany Nation -- all the students, faculty, fans and family members, alumni, everything that there is -- please, please come support us through this, because we need you just as much as you need us. And together we're going to get through this thing to the end."

Penn State's players had not publicly commented -- other than a few messages on Twitter -- since NCAA president Mark Emmert announced the sanctions Monday. They did not take questions from reporters Wednesday but left no doubt about their message.

"No sanction, no politician is ever going to take away what we've got here," Mauti said. "None of that's ever going to tear us apart. Right now all we can do is put our heads down and we're just going to work. That's all we can do. We're going to fight for Penn State, fight for each other, because this is what Penn State's about -- fighting through adversity. We're going to show up every Saturday and we're gonna raise hell."

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