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Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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The Lions' Pride

Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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What a dirty play in the Title game.....

  • Not sure why you quoted me. I'm under no illusion that Georgia lost the game due to bad calls. In fact, I even cited a poor call in Georgia's favor that nearly tilted the entire game.

  • Lacy makes me seriously pine for the days of Curtis Enis. Same style, Enis may have been better. Just a monster - OSU '96 - wow.

  • Maybe you haven't spent much time in the Deep South? And no, Texas doesn't count as 'the Deep South". No doubt the SEC needs better academic standards, but if Southern schools were to recruit african-american players without thick, heavy accents and bad grammar, they'd have a VERY small universe from which to choose. Even many kids with smarts and talent speak that way in the Deep South. Lots of factors - much of it to do with poor education funding and accountability, local cultures, particularly in the rural areas, etc. Bottom line is that what they SHOULD be doing is assessing which of those have the talent and capacity to succeed and trying to move them forward while they're in school, as Joe did with guys like Jimmy Kennedy. Instead they pass them through with nothing more than a passing glance to academics and remedial work.

    I love the standard that PSU sets as much as anyone, and I would cringe if a PSU guy spoke and looked the way some of those SEC guys do. Having said that, I've met a lot of really smart, polite, nice AA kids in AL, FL, and GA who look and sound that way, and if you or I had grown up where they did, in their families, we would too.

  • I know that doofus. I've visited, but I haven't spent any extended amount of time in any one place that would be considered the "Deep South."

    Yep, they're so smart that they are incapable of putting together a sentence with proper grammar or punctuation. There are a lot of reason for things, and I'm sure the culture for them in schools isn't the best (that happens in Texas too, believe it or not, even though we're not the "Deep South"), but the kids have been given the opportunity to learn how to speak properly.

    I heard a story from a journalism professor when I was a freshman about an old BB coach, who would start out every season by going on a small tour in Hawaii where they would beat up on whatever d-2 or d-3 schools that dared to play them. People always accused him of doing this to pad his win total, but he told my professor the real reason he took those kids was to teach them how to eat and act properly in restaurants. He would teach them how to sit properly, which hand you were supposed to hold the fork in, etc, so that they would not embarrass themselves or the school/program by looking like slobs in public.

    It's idealistic, I know, but I wish some coaches wouldn't allow their players to speak to the media until they were able to make some kind of coherent sentence.

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    ‏@Cordale10 Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS