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The Lions' Pride

Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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  • To all of those who have decided that you will no longer be a Penn State Fan, you should all be truly ashamed of yourselves. Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in momenst of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

    Now I do understand where you guys are coming from as this is all a shock and that you are upset. However, this is still THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY we are talking about, folks. We are (pun intended) still a great academic university with tradition (minus 111 wins in football), but our tradition is far beyond football. We have the best wrestling and women's volleyball program in the country along with elite engineering, science, and business programs. I know most of us aren't women's volleyball fans but the prestige accredits the university as a whole.

    Also I do believe we are said to have the best football fans in the country. Now, I am worried by the transparency showing on the fair-weather fans who already abandoned ship. Hopefully it is not to late for me to reach out to you and to convince you that us as fans need to unite as a team to survive this. Think about it, if you are a recruit say Breneman who was inspired by the unity at the Nebraska game this past year, why would you want to honor your commitment to a school whose fans can't even honor their commitments of rooting for a team.

    Unity is the only way to survive these sanctions. Every American united after 9/11 and our country is now running fairly smoothly again after bringing our troops home. Obviously this next comparison runs on different ends of the stick in several ways, but look at the differences of what happened between USC and SMU. How many USC fans decided they'll no longer be a Trojan? Maybe two, and look at where they are now: they're expected to compete for a national title their FIRST year after re-gaining eligibility. SMU fans defected from their formerly great program. Look what happened: 25 years later and they are still no better of a team than Toledo.

    I am just saying that we all need to continue to support our beloved program if we want to prevent it from becoming another SMU. Come September 1st, I better see another 106,571 people at the Beav watching us rail Ohio!! Obviously our sanctions are extremely harsh and will be tough to overcome, but as a fan base, we need to be more supportive than ever if we want a chance of ever winning a BCS bowl game again.

    Side note: To those of you saying that you can't believe that Erickson accepted the penalties, understand that their was virtually no option. Do you know how bad it would look for the university to appeal the penalties imposed for a pedophile, let alone covering up a pedophile. Heck, Emmert could have given football a 15 year death penalty, and Erickson would've still had to accept it. Our PR is already so awful that if we decide that we can't handle the consequences for a serial pedophile, I can't even begin to imagine what the public opinion would become.


    I'm Penn State through and through. Screw the administration and whatever decisions they have made. These kids playing football need us more than ever, as they are TRUE Penn Staters just like us. If you are a bandwagon fan see ya later.

  • Time to stay strong friends. This is the first day towards moving forward. I am confident that the world will see how strong the penn state community is over the next years.

    Whatever we think of the ncaa ruling, whatever we think of the past leadership, whatever we think of the current leadership, don't let that affect your pride and support for what it means to be a penn stater.

    Our communtiy is strong, our degrees are powerful, and our memories last forever.

    I saw someone say "my favorite psu memory was when [negated by the ncaa]. F that. My favorite memory was being in the craziest atmosphere ever in beaver stadium in 2005 against Ohio State, and watching young men of tremendous character take it to the Buckeyes.

    WE ARE!!!!!!!

  • still doesnt change the fact that we will be left rooting for a Akron or Temple type football prgoram for the next decade. Thats pretty hard to swallow. I will still root, but I also want to send a message to Joyner, Erickson, and BOT that I do not support them, they botched this whole damned thing, and they do not represent my school the way I want to represent it. Erickson said he wanted to take step back in football in November, and that what his sorry , no balls ass just did, for ALL of US. I will root for my team, while watching them take beatdown after beatdown for the next decade, from my living room. BUT, I will not support the school by attending games or purchasing merchandise. They paid for this BS report.......let them dig out finacially with thier own plan. They asked for it. They didnt stand up one f-ing time for our school, Joe, or anythign Penn State.