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The Lions' Pride

Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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Taliafero - I thought I voted for somebody different

  • “I think it’s been a huge learning experience for the board and they are now cognizant of everything going on,” Taliaferro said. “The Freeh report was ultimately a good thing and it’s important that we implement some of those recommendations.”

    I'll take the learning experience for the board. That is obvious because they had no idea what they were doing, but until they right the ship, what did they learn??

    The problem is when he says the Freeh Report was a ultimately a good thing. What was good about a freelance investigation with a predetermined conclusion. NOTHING. I hope Adam comes out with a statement or response. If not, I've lost a little respect for the man. You think Frazier, the MERCK CEO, helped with him getting into pharmaceuticals.

  • In all likelihood, his time at a major law firm helped him go in house.

  • I think you left out a key component of his statement "it is important we implement SOME of those recommendations".

    And it is important. PSU's athletic department was a multi-million dollar business, operating out of a shoe box when it came to oversight, and training for the employees to recognize and deal with any related situations.

    Not a single member of the athletic department had been trained or basically had any knowledge of the Clery Act. The report recommended restricting public access to athletic facilities, which seems pretty obvious now. These things do need implemented, end of story.

    This is not a defense of the Freeh report, how it was handled, validation of the absurd NCAA sanctions, etc. However, if after this whole entire mess, if the university, the BOT and the athletic department in specific chose not to implement some of the most basic recommendations, those that are mandated by Federal Law (Clery) or common sense (restricting access).... I mean come on. Just because Adam recognizes these things, and said so, doesn't mean he is whole heartedly in support of Freeh, his findings or the NCAA penalties.... that's just a wrong way to look at it.

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  • Big disappointment in my opinion. I thought he would have been way more vocal when the NCAA said we had a football culture problem. H8ll JoePa went to see him all te time in the hospital. Wished he was more vocal and a leader like lubrano , mccombie and Myers

  • Gman said it well. While I think the Freeh report was a disaster, there are clearly a number of the 100+ recommendations that need to be implemented, and everyone, including the board, needed to know some of our oversight was poor.

    I'll add that if you voted for Adam T., you did so for his name, and shouldn't be surprised by anything he does. I have a lot of respect for him, and what he has overcome, and he seems to be a very bright man. But his BOT platform for election didn't contain anything of substance that would lead you to believe he would act in anyway different than anyone else. He did not run under the premise of doing something new, different, defending the university, the football team, Paterno, etc... His platform was pretty generic.

    I think he's a smart guy and will help the university. He's not a contrarian if that's what you expected. His position statement is below for reference

    "As Penn Staters, we live by the words "We Are...Penn State." Now is
    the time for us to come together to show the world what it truly means
    to be Penn State Proud.
    We are all aware of the tough times Penn State has gone through. It
    has hurt me to see the school I love go through such adversity. Penn
    State helped me get back on my feet and I want to do any and
    everything I can do to help Penn State get back on its feet—assisting
    Penn State is sincerely personal to me.
    If given the opportunity, I will provide fresh ideas and perspectives to
    the board. As an alumni representative, I believe it's imperative to
    interact and communicate with our alumni on a regular basis. Over the
    years, I've prided myself on attending and speaking at numerous
    alumni events and my relationship with our alumni is something I take
    very seriously.
    As an attorney, my job is to evaluate and help resolve issues. There
    are challenges ahead for Penn State, but I welcome the opportunity to
    engage in constructive dialogue with current Board members as well
    as fellow alums to better our University. If elected, I can assure you my
    decisions will always be in the best interest of Penn State.
    Coach Paterno challenged us to make an impact. As alumni, we all
    have the power to make a positive impact. It would"

  • Many of those of us who voted for him feel foolish about it now. His campaign was very weak, but I assumed wrongly that he would be a champion for change. He has become an instant pushover for the executive committee faction. We'll have a chance to show him how disappointed we are when his term is up.

    Now as for how it relates to Joe. Arnelle, Suhey, and Joyner will hopefully have to answer for their betrayal at some point. But Adam may very well find that alot of his supporters will not think of him in the same light after his poor beginning, and he had a much higher standing to the public than those other former players on the Board.

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    "A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of the sheep"- Glenn Carson

  • And this shocks you how? While I am not throwing him under the bus like many are, he was not a good choice for many reasons. Maybe in 10-20 years he would be, but he wasn't now.

    He was the recognizable, people's choice. Former football player, headliner and defender of the old program.

    His actions are predictable, and sound. If it isn't what you wanted, think harder before the next round of elections.

  • Adam is a young guy looking to advance. Taking a controversial stand on a topic acts as an impediment to his future goals.

    Disappointed, maybe...but not surprised.

    F the NCAA F the BOT F ESPN F Sandusky

  • For a second there I thought you were defending Mike McQuery. Almost word for word ...