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The Lions' Pride

Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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Stefan Wisniewski teleconference notes

  • Here are the notes from Stefan's teleconference today:

    -Matt McGloin's confidence helps the offense, rubs off on everyone else. He has been making really good decisions, he helps get the offense moving.

    -Ohio State always a solid defense, they always play well against Penn State. If the Penn State offense plays at their best and take care of the ball, he feels they will definitely be able to put some points up this week.

    -OSU defense look similar to what they have in the past few years, physical up front, solid linebackers, and their secondary covers well. They’ll blitz and throw a lot of different looks so weve been trying to get used to what theyre trying to do.

    -Rivalry has a lot to do with Pennsylvania vs. Ohio, and also its been going back and forth for the Big Ten title, the past five years or so. Whenever that happens over a bunch of years you develop a rivalry with one another.

    -Getting some time to have some experience together, once you get six or seven games under the belt, understand what it takes to do well. Also making more of a physical mindset.

    -The more games together as an offensive line, the better. See the results in better combination blocks.

    -Feels he has been playing really well, the whole line as well has been getting better and improving. B+/A- range, some assignments are getting screwed up but overall the pass protection and run blocking has been doing pretty well.

    -Screen game really started developing against Michigan, kept calling it since it has been working. Personally loves screens, they are a lot of fun to block for, in a lot of space and getting to hit a smaller guy in the secondary. Its fun for me not as much for the defense.

    -Fun year, earlier it wasn’t as fun losing those few games early. But the team has bounced back really well, they got Royster the rushing record, JoePa his 400th win, so there have really been a lot of cool things going onm, and has been a really fun senior year.

    -Tremendously important to keep the rushing attack going against Ohio State, they are not going to be able to move the football just throwing the ball against these guys, its got to be a balanced attack. Need a really good performance and the offensive line has to open up some holes for our backs so we can move the ball and put some points up.

    -McGloin is just a little bit more vocal, Bolden was all business in the huddle, McGloin maybe has some more fun doing it.

    -Awesome experience overall last time at Ohio Stadium, atmosphere is a tough one to play in overall, losing into the 4th quarter and then taking the lead back. The offense didn’t play great all game but when they needed to move the ball at the end they got the job done.