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The Lions' Pride

Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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Phone Tag - Bani Gbadyu

  • Bani Gbadyu is now up at 10:00.

    - It's a challenge to be the start. He's excited to get rolling.

    - They've got some really good linebackers, so to count out a rotation would be crazy. They've got depth that they've never really had at Penn State. Either way, they're going to be good as a defense.

    - Bani has been in contact with Navorro Bowman and Lavar Arrington. They're talking about the position and the rigors of the NFL and playing the position.

    - Chris Colasanti has shown how physical and consistent he can be. He makes calls, he's good at getting to the ball and he would be surprised if he doesn't have a big season. He's always had the take charge attitude, but he really showed consistency this spring.

    - Leaving before his junior year was a strong possibility. He was sure he was leaving. The coaches got him together and got him on track academically and got him back on track at Penn State.

    - He's not sure how the rotations will play out, that's up to Ron Vanderlinden. Penn State's defense has always been consistent.

    - Mike Mauti has been consistent, physical and has made some incredible plays. He's a complete linebacker who is a tough matchup against people. He's going to have a great season.

    - Nate Stupar is a great player, he's been consistent, too. Mauti is more like an inside backer who plays more physical. There's not distance between the two. One is a little more experienced between the two.

    - The depth is something that sets this linebacking group apart. These guys have shown they can play at a high level.

    - The team is not overlooking Youngstown State. They know they can't look ahead.

    - Bani had a concussion early in camp, but he's 100 percent now. It's been tough to get back into the flow of things but he feels good right now.

    - He feels that he's more consistent this year. He's playing lower, he's not over running things and he's reading things better. He's worked on when he should run down something and when he should sit and stay home.

    - Everywhere people are being more cautious with concussions. Playing safe is the No. 1 thing on coaches' minds. There's more concern out there everywhere.

    - He got hurt in practice 7 and collided with someone. "It just didn't feel right."

    - They have a great coaching staff and schemes, and if rotations are needed they have the ability to be that.

    - Things have died down a lot with his family. Everyone is trying to get his life back together. They feed off of him and his brother and father are trying to do the same things.

    - Bani still has a whole bunch of family in Liberia, his mother is still there. His dad had a big influence on his decision and he liked the way Larry Johnson represented the University.

    - Back to thoughts about him leaving, it had to do with the problems in his family. He needed to keep his family first, but he had to realize the opportunity that he had at hand.

    - You wouldn't believe how much seeing those guys that have come before him have helped him. It's the little things that makes them the linebackers that they are today. He would have never known what they go through if he didn't watch them in the past.

    - He and Gerald Hodges are both fast, physical and athletic. Gerald is a raw athlete who knows how to play football. He is getting down the little things, and once he realizes that, 'the sky is the limit for that kid.'

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