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The Lions' Pride

Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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PA Recruiting Question

  • Answers to a few questions.

    1)IMO prior to the sanctions you were seeing the proof of what many speculated could happen in PA once PSU had a young aggressive staff in place. We likely land AB, DJ, Williams, Fuller, Nelson, Issah, and Cothern. for certain. Boyd was likely a 50/50 proposition, while Anzalone was probably no better than 25%.

    2)As far as scholarship numbers go, we currently sit at 9. That said I'd say 12 or 13 is a good possibility. Its not hard to imagine at least 2-4 players transferring, forgoing 5th years or declaring for the NFL.

    3)Yes LK25 is back polishing the golden dome. Obviously landing a kid named Mike MCGLINCHEY who grew up an Irish Fan, and "stealing" Fuller who didn't want to deal with the worst sanctions since SMU proves the hypothesis that ND is dominant in SE PA. Scratch that it's been clarified to reflect the new reality that ND dominates the entire Eastern Seaboard LOL. Maybe the fact that ND is located in the center of talent barren Indiana might force the Irish to recruit nationally. That's a secret though, don't tell anybody.

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