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OT: Wrestling Depth Question

  • I have a question for my wrestling experts on this board in regard to the importance of team depth and scholarship limits, etc.

    First, I am aware that we return all starters except for 2: Frank the Tank and Cam Wade. I also know that we are replacing them with talented wrestler: Andrew Alton (Dylan's twin), and a HWT transfer that has 3 years of eligibility left.

    Here's my question: How many open scholarships do we have to give, how many total for a roster, and how much does team depth come into play--aside from injuries?

    I ask because PSU is set at several spots for at least 2-3 more years and I was wondering if that will effect recruiting at all? Would a top prospect in say the David Taylor-Ed Ruth range not come to Penn State because they'd have to wait at least 2 more years to get that spot or would they come any way and redshirt a year and maybe wrestle another weight class in their RS Frosh year?

    I'm excited about next year already but also curious about how the "bench" wrestlers come into play.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Wrestling works much differently than football. They only have 9.9 scholarships to work with, so partial money is pretty much the name of the game for wrestlers. Depth is huge, it's what has set Iowa apart for years. We've seen the benefits of having depth in our lineup over the past couple of seasons, with Frank Martellotti and Matt Brown as good examples.

    It's true that you can't take every kid that wants to come, and you can't convince every kid to take a RS if they want to start right away. But to your particular question about Taylor-Ruth, the recruiting for their spots is really just starting now. Their replacements will be timed to arrive when they are graduating. Again, it's not like football. Only one kid competes at a weight if healthy, so you give the money for only one per weight in a perfect world. The depth should ideally be filled by kids who are less heralded out of HS and come in as walk-ons. Then you coach them up to be ready if they are needed down the road.

    The word right now is that kids are beating down the door to come wrestle for Cael, so I wouldn't be too concerned about our scholarship situation. It's a great time to be a PSU Wrestling fan!

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  • Even though a wrestler is not in the starting lineup, they are allowed to wrestle in tournaments and exehibition matches. I think red shirt wrestlers are allowed in those matches as well, but I'm not sure. Coming in a year or two before a top wrestler graduates allows a new student the opportuity to learn and square off on the mat against the best at their weight class or above. It is a terrific opportuity for someone wanting to be the best.

  • I'm no scholarship expert, but it is important to have depth as has already been opined. Matt Brown is a perfect example of the need for depth. This guy would have been a starter at any other U this past season. I expect to see him in the every day lineup next year tho. Dude wrestled from 165, 174, 184 to 197 at various times this season. QWright is back @ 184 next year, Taylor to repeat @ 165 with Ruth @ 174.

    Andrew Alton should break into the lineup @ 149 replacing F Molinaro who graduates and his brother Dylon should have a lock on the 157-lb weight class

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  • There's no question that Matt Brown is a topnotch wrestler, but where does he fit in next year's lineup with everyone coming back from 165 through 197? Here's my best guess. GIven that Andrew Alton wrestled as a freshman and then red-shirted this year, perhaps Morgan McIntosh will red-shirt next year. Then, either Quinton Wright could move up to 197 or Brown could wrestle at that spot. Then McIntosh comes back in 2013-14 with added maturity and Brown takes the place of Wright after his graduation. Everyone says Brown should make the varsity lineup next year, and this seems like the best scenario. Does anyone have the inside scoop?

  • Ed Ruth has already stated that he's moving up to 184 next year. The likely scenario looks like McIntosh redshirts, Wright moves to 197, Ruth to 184, and Brown goes at 174.

  • Thanks, UncleLar! You've made me a happy man. Sounds like a beastly plan for next year and the year after! Hey, while you're dispensing knowledge---and I mean that sincerely---could you offer your view on McIntosh's freshman year. As you know, he was viewed as the nation's #1 recruit, but he didn't place at NCAA's. Did it seem like he had a good freshman year of learning, developing and showing potential for the future OR was his year a bit disappointing?

  • He had a good year. It takes a very exceptional wrestler to place as a true freshman, particularly at the upper weights Plus he was probably up a weight class from where he should have been. He'll be a national title contender in two years.

  • Great thread. Can't wait to see some matches next year....up for grabs question. Ruth is an animal an I guess guys like him don't have issues when changing weight classes. Is there significant advantidges to moving guys like him around in weight. I'm assuming body types vary so much that a guy really excels in one weight group. But isn't as fast or step in another. Such as frank seemed to be stronger then everyone he went up against

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