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OT - Great PA Wrestling Story

  • From a Camp Hill fan...

    Saturday night at the Pennsylvania District 3 wrestling tournament we witnessed one of the biggest displays of sportsmanship, friendship and what our sport is all about. I can't even put into words how touched all of us were that witnessed it. Coach Gallaher has sent the letter below to the Patriot News because this event transcends the results of yesterdays great tournament and even the sport itself. I'm proud to know both these boys and I know they will be even better men later in life. In the 40 years I have been around wrestling, almost 20 of those coaching, I have never seen anything like this. Coach G's letter:

    "Dear Mr. Elliot,

    I’m no sportswriter, but I think the following story is truly worthy of some print somewhere / somehow. This story is about two of the finest young men I have been associated with in the sport of wrestling.

    On January 20th Camp Hill’s 220 lb. wrestler Gus Bostdorff (21-2) was diagnosed with a benign tumor in his lung that would require chemotherapy to treat, and would force him to discontinue his wrestling season immediately. Although Gus’s diagnosis is very positive and over the next several month he should heal completely, the incident greatly changed this young man’s senior season. 1 year after qualifying for the state tournament Gus was on track for another great run in the post season. Gus did have one major roadblock to clear and that was in Joey Kauffman of Halifax. Over the past several years the two young men had battled multiple times and through competition had grown to be friends. Saturday night at Hersheypark arena that friendship could not have been more evident. Just moments after accepting the gold district championship medal Joey walked off the medal stand to find Gus who he knew was in attendance watching and cheering him on. Upon finding him, Joey presented his medal to Gus and told him he deserved a medal for all that he has been through with his treatments. Gus was not willing to accept the medal but Joey insisted.
    I have been coaching wrestling for 22 years and this may be one most amazing display of sportsmanship and humanitarianism that I have witnessed in our sport. For a young man of 17/18 years of age to give up something of this value is beyond belief.
    I wish it could be written as to how this young man has represented his team, his school, his family and himself in the most gracious of ways. The Halifax School District, his family, and coach Brian Zerby can certainly be very proud of his accomplishments and the heartfelt touch he has graced upon others.

    Chad Gallaher – Head coach Camp Hill"

  • Wow, thanks for sharing that man. Best of luck and prayers to Gus on his road to recovery.

  • Having just read about the jacka$$ in the youth hockey thread, this is like a complete 180 degree turn from that clown. As is often the case - we learn a better example of sportsmanship from a high school kid than we do from a grown man. Congratulations to Joey on his accomplishment and good luck to Gus in his battle.

  • It's unfortunate that most adults involved in athletics can't act with this much sportsmanship.