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Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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The Lions' Pride

Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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OT: Anyone read this artcile about Jason Taylor?

  • I agree. I haven't paid much attention to this topic yet....but my initial feelings are these guys are out there banging their heads into other objects. Now I'm not Einstein....but I knew at a relatively young age that banging my head into ANYTHING, is not a good idea.

    So you're now talking grown men who are doing it weekly, going for the big hits...and then celebrating themselves afterwards with a Dance at mid field. Horrible situation with Seau, but he wasn't exactly a player looking to tackle legs all the time if I remember correctly. Whatever their motivation to hit hard was (you'll be benched otherwise, or here's more money, or...), they still did those types of plays on their own free will. I can't believe most did not realize, or could not realize, that banging your head into another players head is dangerous.

    I do feel more sympathy for a wide receiver who gets blind sided in the helmet, without a doubt. Yet on the same token, they too know the risks with playing football.

    To me, the real problem is the advanced equipment they have these days, including helmets. The more "protection" you deem you have, the more barbaric you will become because you think you are that much more protected. Put these guys in the old school leather helmets and you won't see the hits as you do now. Look at Ray Lewis's helmet now. It's a huge with a big cage in the front. Of course he goes out there thinking "Nothing can hurt me with this thing on." Do you blame the league for that? The player?

    For me, in the is still the player who decided to join this risky profession and throw himself into it.