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Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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  • I also played football at mv haha small world

  • My name is Kyle I'm 25 and a Penn state grad. I have a communications degree which in my opinion was a bad decision. If I could go back I would definitely have a different major. I live in throop pa just outside of Scranton. I played football at mid valley highschool. I play defensive end and all across the o line. I work for a logistics company at tobyhanna army depot. I am also a mma fighter. I am also an avid hunter and fisherman. I am not married and I have no kids. I am planning on going back to Penn state for my masters degree. I am not sure for what yet but I would really like everyones opinion on what would be good to take up.

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  • My name is Eric. I grew up in central PA between Gettysburg and Harrisburg in a tiny little town called Dillsburg. Never played football in HS (6'4", 165lb. guys don't do well on a football field). After turning down some opportunities to play volleyball in college, I went to PSU and graduate with a degree in History in 1999 (that F'er Spanier's name is staring me in the face from my diploma). After that I went to grad school at Old Dominion in Virginia and received my Master's Degree in Higher Ed Administration. After grad school I moved to Baltimore and worked at both UMBC and then Univ of Maryland College Park for 5 years before moving south to Atlanta. While in Baltimore I met my wife (Ga Tech grad but she's a Pharmacist so I did well for myself...), and now we have two boys (2.5 and 5 months). I work in Atlanta in higher education/student affairs/student conduct. I'm also going to law school part time in Atlanta and I'm 2/3 of the way done at this point.

    I honestly don't remember my 1st PSU game. My parents didn't go to college and I was the first in my close family to go to school. They were always PSU fans and I had a great aunt and uncle who had season tickets to PSU games. My favorite game that I specifically remember was the Orange Bowl a few years ago w/ MRob. I just wish they would have started selling beer again after it went to OT... Haven't been to a game in several years since moving to Atlanta but I'm hoping to get to the opener this year to support Coach O'Brien. Still have my season tickets--WJU, Row 66, seats 1 & 3.

    "Penn State has taken a lot of punches in the last six months and it's time to punch back" - BOB

  • My name is Jamie, 33, grew up in a small town between Bloomburg and Hazleton, in the heart of the old anthracite league. Graduated from U Park in 2001, BS in Turfgrass Management, currently a golf course Supt. I was actually the Supt at Merion during the 2005 US Amateur. Had a cup of coffee with the baseball team, gave it up after injuring my back in summer of 1999. Come from a PSU family, can't remember my first game but i have a few pretty old stubs from the early 80's. I'm a season ticket holder and now live in Connecticut with my wife and two kids after spending 8 years in Ardmore, Pa. Aside from being a golf course supt I am also an Asst Baseball coach at the local high school in New Canaan.

    My favorite game by far was Nebraska, never saw the place rock like that, OSU 2005 comes in second.
    My favorite players were DJ Dozier, Bobby Engram, LaVar, Poz, MRob, and now the connecticut boys; Redd and Fortt.
    I lived in heritage Oaks for two years, walked through sunset park many times. Traded hello's with the Paterno's many times, quite honestly, he always asked about our academics in some way, shape or form.

  • My name is Rob. I am 27 and I grew up in a small town in Cambria county. Graduated from Penn State in fall of 2007 with double major in Poli Sci and Sociology. I think I had enough credits for a minors in stats, & psychology but didn't complete the paperwork. After undegrad, I went to Pitt for my masters in Public Policy with a focus on global political economics and policy analysis. Out of grad school, I was hired at State Science and Technology Institute, we are national nonprofit membership organization (our members include State and local economic development organizations) that focuses on Technology-Based Economic Development. I specialize in the fields of manufacturing, international competitiveness, social innovation, crowdfunding and community support for tech-based development. In my free-time, I play flag football, rugby 7s and paintball. I think sometime soon, I plan on going back to school for my masters in finance to work in the field .

    My first live PSU game was freshman year against Wisconsin (HC), I worked for the bookstore so I missed a lot of games that year. After that season, I didn't miss a game for 4 straight seasons. I grew up a Penn State fan, but was very critical of the staff back then, I remember being 10 and seeing CBs from FSU and wondering why our CBs were slow and small in comparison. My most memorable game was OSU 2005 and watching the 1995 Rose Bowl on TV. Favorite players include Ki-Jana, Enis, Jordan Norwood, M-Rob, Poz, LaVar and Wake.

    Also, while in college I trained with the Quantum Jujitsu Club and with Central PA MMA.

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  • I'm Matt and I'm 23. Born and raised in northern NJ. Parents met at Penn State, so it was kind of expected I would end up there too. I wanted to be different and go to a different school but never found a school I liked half as much as Penn State. I graduated in '11 with a degree in Biology. I'm currently living in Philadelphia, where I'll be starting pharmacy school next month.

    My favorite player was Hali. Favorite game is impossible, but I was in the student section for Illinois last year, so that's up there for sure.

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    "We have a culture of integrity. That's not new at Penn State and that's not going to get old at Penn State." -Bill O'Brien