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The Lions' Pride

Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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  • This was a great idea and has been one of my favorite threads to read since coming on board in April. If you haven't posted on here already, c'mon in. The water's fine. You can share whatever you like.

    As I posted then, I was born and raised in Lancaster, Pa., and went to Penn State. I started covering football for the Collegian in 2001 and haven't stopped since. As one of my friends likes to say, "There's always something to write about." No wife or kids, but most of my family is still in the state -- Dad is a 1973 Penn State grad and my sister is a 2006 Penn State grad.

    My favorite game would have to be the 2005 Ohio State game. Electric atmosphere, mostly well-played game (if you like defense), meaningful on a national scale and somehow, my story came together on deadline. And the press box didn't collapse; it was the first time I felt the stadium shake. Too many favorite players to name. When you cover a team, you tend to pick your favorites based more on personalities than what people do on the field (maybe the fans do as well). Short list: Deon Butler, A.Q. Shipley, Sean Lee, Daryll Clark. I never knew quite what to make of Rich Ohrnberger but man I miss that guy's conference calls.

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  • Ill game freezing? Dudde that was balmy vs some. The game where we beat msu to lock up rose .... that was cold.

  • Good OP, I'm Dan, I live in Charlotte, NC. With Sean's post regarding the new offer to an OL here in Charlotte, I guess I'm going to have to go see a providence game. Call it Lion's Pride scouting.
    I grew up in Tyrone Pa, just down the road from PSU. BA History, 1986. It was an unbelievable 4 years with both of Penn States NC book ending my on campus life. I'm in the building industry specializing in construction related to mold remediation. I get back to PSU for 2 to 3 games and occasionally get to a bowl game.
    I have 2 children one of which will be a freshmen this fall at UP. The Blue White game this year sealed the deal for Penn State, I think it was the 247 tailgate. Some of you met her and were very encouraging for her to go to PSU. Good job!

  • Brian, 6'1", 220 lbs (for Dan Patrick fans). I've lived in Central or Western NY my entire life. My father grew up in Pleasant Hills outside Pittsburgh and became a lifelong fan of the Steelers, Pens, Bucos, Penn State football, and Duquesne basketball based on the games covered by his favorite radio station before my grandfather finally sprung for a TV. For that reason I'm PSU football only and 'cuse basketball. Oobviously I pull for everything State College but I'm not a fan of the other sports.

    I did undergrad at SUNY Geneseo (+1 to anyone who can prove to me they have visited that tiny town) and have lived in Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, and Cortland NY. I teach High School Chemistry during the school year and work at a beach bar during the summer along with teaching summer school. I'll be 27 on Wednesday with no wife or kids and recently got over "the one that got away".

    My favorite PSU game was OSU 2005. Usually I only visit State College once a year with my old man, and that was the only time I went with college buddies, along with it being the game of the decade! I was the only Penn State fan out of 5 of us before the game...all of those guys would frequently watch PSU games on the tube afterwords. Drinking beer and watching the Saturday games are religion to me. I have to pay for the B1G network every August and then cancel it in January.

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    More than just football

  • Hello, I'm Michael - surprise! 47. Native of York, PA (Dallastown HS). Took a very indirect path through PSU and finished with an Econ degree after starting in the Aerospace program. Also did grad work at Iowa and George Mason, where I picked up an MA in Econ and an MS in Stats. I'm a stats/modeling guy for a market research company in Chicago (8 years). Also lived in DC/NoVA for 12 years and in Seattle for a couple. I love Seattle, Portland, and Vancover, BC!

    Was fortunate to be on campus for both MNC seasons. Favorite games have been Nebraska '82 and '02. I'm a fairly serious runner and an avid fly fisherman. Still single, but my gf and I are closing on a house together this month. I've been part of the PSU online community forever, dating back to early days of Tom McAndrew board.

  • Lang06 is on vacation, but he's a Dallastown guy too.

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  • Thanks for reminding me. I can never remember if he went there or just lives there. My 30th HS reunion is piggybacking off an annual alumni event on July 28 -- I wonder if he'll attend.

  • My name is Justin, 22. I am from Schuylkill Haven, Pa. This fall will be my last semester at U Park before I graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice. It was always a dream of mine to attend Penn State. My parents had season tickets when I was growing up so I was hooked. In high school, I was a slacker. Don't get me wrong I got good grades but I definitely could have done better. I was a pretty good golfer in high school and was all but set to attend Cal U of Pa to play on the golf team but decided against because of the distance (almost 5 hours away). So I decided to go to a small community college in Allentown, Pa and play there. I went to Lehigh Carbon Community College for two and half years and got my associate's degree in Criminal Justice. I did everything in my power to get accepted to U Park and ended up being accepted in the fall of 2010. It was probably one of the greatest days of my life. Anyway, Penn State has been and will always be everything I dreamed it would be. I wish I could be a professional student for the rest of my life but the fun has to end sometime. After school, I will probably go into Corrections but my goal is the State Police and then hopefully something federal like the DEA.

    My favorite game has to be 2005 OSU game. I was a freshman in high school and my sister was dating a guy that was a student at PSU, so she went to every game. My dad and I got tickets for the game and at halftime, my sister got me into the student section. I will never forget that experience. The crowd, the noise, everything about that game was perfect.

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  • Well I'm mike and I'm 24. I graduated from psu last year and im from reading

    I started following psu when I was five(first game I remember watching was 93 citrus and I fell in love after watching the 94 team. My fandom came to a new level around 99 after I attended my first game.(Akron)

    In 2005 I really started to follow recruiting and I have been a message board junkie since then.

    I began my psu career in 2007. I looked at other schools but there was no other choice. I ended up at altoona because I didn't work to my full potential in high school but I don't regret it. I enjoyed my time at the branch campus.

    I graduated last year with a degree in pr. I am currently working in instance but I hope to get back into pr sometime in the near future. I can't complain, it's a job with a big company and with this economy I'll take it.

    My favorite game to attend was 2005 osu. It was just an incredible week from the mauling of minny all the way up to the post game. We were finally back.

    I would say my favorite players of guys I really remember are Mrob( guy was unreal, wish I would have appreciated him more when he was here) lee, mills, hunt and odrick

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  • Animal

    Marc, Business Management, Class of 2011. Born and raised in Teaneck, NJ. Many of you will know this town as where our very own Tamba Hali hails from. He and my sister graduated HS together, and I have hung out with him a few times. Great guy...but that's besides the point. I have zero family connections to PSU, and my high school sends very few kids to Happy Valley. This all being said, the first time I saw those blank blue jerseys on TV when I was 9...I knew where I was going to college. Even with everything going on right now, I have never for a second regretted my decision. I know I have said this countless times, but despite Rutgers offering me a SUBSTANTIAL scholarship to attend school there, I opted to pay full price for the best four years of my life.

    Favorite game attended: 2008, Illinois at home. Nothing in particular special about the outcome (a Nittany Lion win, of course...) but as the rain lightly fell in the third quarter and the crowd erupted into "Have you ever seen the rain?", I can't be sure if I have ever been part of a more perfect moment.

    Favorite game ever: OSU, 2005. Self explanatory.

    I now live in Hoboken, working in Midtown Manhattan as an Account Manager for a company called Red Commerce. In an office of 16 ppl, 1/8 of us are Penn Staters!

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    "PSU a 3 to 4 win team" - New-era, September 2012

  • Great idea!
    Penn State '88 Liberal Arts.

    I'm originally from Lambertville, NJ. Was accepted to Princeton, Swathmore, Villanova, Fairfield and Penn State when I graduated HS in 1984. I loved the diversity at Penn State and decided this was the place for me.

    Moved to Carmel, California six months after graduation to see the west coast for a bit.
    As life happens, I got a job at a custom shoe maker there and after 10 years, ended up designing women's shoes that were custom designed and fabricated.
    We had lots of celebrities come through to get fitted for shoes that were designed specifically for them. You have no idea who wears "my" shoes! biggrin
    Think red carpet!

    I left Carmel (I still miss it) to live in San Francisco for several years before finally moving back to the east coast to pursue my passion on the east coast.

    So here I am!

    Go Penn State!

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  • My name is Tony Fink, I'm 26, and I'm from Hollidaysburg PA. I did not attend PSU but did spend a significant portion of my would have been college career sleeping on miscellaneous couches and floors in State College. I actually went to school in Lock Haven for a year, just long enough to find an awesome girl who is now my wife. After that I started a Property Maintenance company in the Altoona area that is doing great. I'm a lifelong Lions fan and the first game I went to was JoePa breaking The Bear's wins record in 2001. What an awesome experience. I still remember the goosebumps I got the first time I heard WE ARE..... PENN STATE live. I don't go to many games, maybe one or two a year but I'm always up for a good tailgate so if you have a good one let me know. I love PSU football and I really like this board too. My wife makes fun of me every time she sees me on here, saying I'm a nerd and one of those "message board crazies", but I like the people here and I hope this stays an awesome place to talk and follow Penn State.

  • Ray. I'm 20 and entering my senior year at Dear Old State. I'm a Finance major currently interning for Merrill Lynch in Manhattan. I live in Dutchess County, NY - just south of Poughkeepsie.
    Growing up I loved two teams - Penn State because of black shoes, no names, plain unis, and tradition; and USC simply because teenage Notre Dame fans are the most annoying species of human to have ever existed.
    I had the option of playing football at Marist College or attending PSU for my final 2 college choices. After injuring my shoulderblade my senior year of HS, and some serious thought, I made the greatest choice of my life to attend the greatest University on the planet.
    I am the first in my family to go away for college. And this year, I will bring my family down for the Ohio State game (which happens to be my birthday weekend) for their first ever Beaver Stadium experience.
    My greatest Beaver Stadium memory was win #409. The most rewarding day of my entire life. Nothing can duplicate that situation which called upon every Penn Stater in that stadium to help win that historic game (That Illini kicker must still have nightmares about the Student Section). My favorite PSU football player is Michael Robinson, with Silas Redd right up there behind him.
    I am officially addicted to this board and fear that it will one day get me fired from my future job. Most of all - the English language does not possess the words necessary to describe my love and pride for this University and all my fellow Penn Staters - whether you attended this great institution or not. This is the greatest family one can ever be a part of and no person or people can ever change that. We Are... Penn State will stay with me beyond my grave, and ring eternally.

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  • My name is Mike Strzelecki, I'm 48, and live in Baltimore, Maryland. Grew up in Boyertown (think Chris Muller) and was a huge PSU fan back then. Remember listening to the games on the radio on Saturdays and watching them on Sunday mornings (when I could get off of church).

    Attended Lehigh University for undergrad and U of Delaware for grad school, and currently work in DC on Capitol Hill. I have two kids in their teens, one a huge PSU fan. My two avocations are travel writing and long distance running. For about 15 years I ran ultramarathons, mostly on trails, but don't do the long races as much anymore, just occasionally.

    An interesting fact is that I was never really a tv person and never had cable until about four years ago. Essentially, once I moved away from PA in 1986, I lost all contact with PSU football since it was never covererd in Baltimore. Did not even know there were "dark years." Got cable to watch the last Olympics and have watched every PSU game since (and attend a few games with my son each year), and fanatically follow recruiting. I have an obsessive/compulsive thing happening and needed an outlet once I stopped the mega-mile running scene and found it on these boards.

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  • OSU came to PSU in 2005. stache

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    "DOMINATE the state" - James Franklin 1/11/14

  • Animal

    And my posting perfection comes embarrassingly, crashing down...haha.

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    "PSU a 3 to 4 win team" - New-era, September 2012

  • My name is Aaron, 36 Class of 1998 Ag Business. I work in consumer products.

    My wife and I live in Nashville, and just had our first daughter 3 weeks ago. (All is going well thanks)
    The board is a good distraction while everyone is sleeping, eating, or

    I grew up all over the place: born in Columbus, OH, but luckily moved away at 2 months age. From there, we had a short stop in Warminster, PA, and later moved to Miami, Florida. We lived in Miami from 1977-89 at the peak of the Miami Vice, Luke Skywalker, Dan Marino eras, and of course my passion at the time - the Miami Hurricanes.

    I can remember calling my grandmother in Philadelphia arguing prior to the Fiesta Bowl. Who would win? the Mighty Hurricanes or Joe Pa's Lions . The Fiesta Bowl was my first memory of PSU. "Who are these guys?!" "Who is that old man!?" I got a good lesson that night. Over time, my love for the Hurricanes' approach cooled, and I embraced PSU. I must admit that there are times for PSU's style and for a little bit of Miami swagger.

    In 89, we moved to the Boston suburbs, staying there for 4 years, then half way thru HS we moved to Media, PA.

    My parents are from PA: my dad, Tarentum (near PGH), and mom NE Philadelphia. Members of my family have graduated from 5 different B1G schools: Purdue, Michigan, Wisconsin, NW, and me at PSU. So, we get pretty fired up about football season.

    My freshman year was 1994, so like one of the previous posts, my first game was against USC & Keyshawn. We killed them. I got thrown out of the stands late in the 3rd quarter for throwing soda cups after a PSU TD. What a moron I am. We were spoiled with countless incredible games and top notch talent. These games come to mind -

    At Miami 1999, Michigan '95 - Snow Bowl, '96 Outback Bowl vs Auburn - Incredible rain storm., Texas Tech - 1995 (Z Thomas. Needed a last minute drive to win), vs Wisconsin 1997? - first time I noticed #11 on special teams. Who is that.. Arrington?, at MSU 2001 (Plaxico, TJ vs LJ, & Mills)

    Losses I'm glad I attended
    OSU '95 (Pace, George, Glenn), Mich '97 (Woodson in the slot covered by LB - not fair.), Miami 2001, at Alabama 2010

    BTW - Just like the previous poster, my only JoePa encounter was near Pattee to my Biology final. I wished him luck in the RB, to which Joe responded - "Hey thanks kid. Good luck on your finals."

    After college, my wife and I have lived in a lot of places. I hold on to PSU more than any other team, rarely following pro sports. It's a connection to my roots, and is a connection with the best friends that I'll ever have.

    Favorite Player - Aaron Harris

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  • I appreciate all the normal posters letting us know more about them, but I'd like a few of our more "colorful" posters to chime in. That would be fun.

  • Glad this thread really took off. Great idea!

    My name is Chris (2004; Architecture). I grew up in Elizabethtown, PA (Lancaster County). We've had one player that I know of granted a scholarship for PSU, Eric Claire (injuries really hurt his career). The night Joe Paterno came to visit his house the whole town knew about it. Oh to have been a fly on the wall. I was fortunate to be accepted into the architecture program at PSU and honestly never really considered any other options. It was a great program and having been raised on PSU football (despite neither parent being an alum) there was no other choice to be made. I look back on those 5 years at least once a day and enjoy so many lasting friendships and memories that nothing will ever shake my love for the school.

    I currently live in Hoboken, NJ (seems to be a few of us) and currently work as a consultant for a few firms in NJ, and NYC. I've taken and passed all of my registration exams (for those that don't know we're talking about 24 hours of testing total) and am still sorting out what my next step will be. Shameless plug: If anyone in the NYC area needs any design/architectural work done I am your man. I would love to work with some fellow Penn Staters. You can see some of my work here -

    I'll add that this board has served a very valuable purpose for me throughout the last 6 months or so. Having likeminded people to share opinions with, and react to the unfortunate events alongside has been wonderful. I look forward to the upcoming season doing our part to help the PSU family heal.

  • All my degrees are from PSU...employed by PSU. ALWAYS will be PSU. We are...

  • most of my bio is already out there.

  • Don, 48. - Born, raised and still reside in Whitehall, PA. PSU Class of 85 BS and 87 MPA. Worked in healthcare for about 20 years prior but for the last five I get to take care of the buildings at Lehigh University. Oldest daughter started out at PSU and now transferred to Lehigh. Youngest daughter is already figuring out her future Lehigh major - free tuition is a wonderful benefit.

    Don't remember the first game I ever attended - sometime in the 70's but I do remember the first game I attended with my future wife - also a PSU grad. Tenor Hall 9th/10th floors and Pinchot 3rd/4th had a pregame tailgate that day and we sat together during PSU's 34-28 win over Alabama - Oct 8, 1983.

  • Hah! I lived in 4th floor Pinchot!

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  • My name is Seth I am 29 years old. I got my undergrad from Penn State in 2006 and got my Masters in 2008. I currently live in Breckenridge, CO and work for the Town of Breckenridge and I also guide part time for Mountain Anglers in Breckenridge. My passion in life is fly fishing and I also love to hunt, snowboard, ride snowmobiles and dirt bikes. I am actually considering moving to Bozeman, MT for the world class fly fishing.

    “Never trust a government that doesn't trust its own citizens with guns.” Benjamin Franklin