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Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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  • This is an idea I have been toying with for awhile and might be fun when the material is hitting a dry spell. Obviously, privacy is important but we all talk a lot and some of us might be curious about other poster backgrounds. Thought this might be a cool way to get to know each other more and share some basic info...optional of course.

    My name is Michael and I graduated from PSU law in 2012. I grew up in DC. My grandfather went to psu so I knew I had to get there after undergrad and business school. I am 25 years old. I currently live in Houston and am studying for the bar before I start my job. I was a wide receiver in high school but had no chance of playing in college. I actually played alongside MIke IMoh who went to Virginia tech in 2002, john kinzer, and Cary Wade. I think those guys were three stars.

    My favorite psu game I attended was Illinois. It was freezing out but when the stadium erupted for that missed field goal it was worth it! My favorite psu player of my era is Darryl Clark, guy had class and was great for us.


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    We are...!

  • Why not!
    I'm Keith. PSU BS Marketing 1995.
    I was born and raised in Scranton. I went to the same high school as Mike Munchak and played with Bill Lazor, who is now the offensive coordinator at Virginia. I now reside in Lake Ariel,PA. I am the proud father of 4 boys, who all play football for Wallenpaupack Area. My oldest is 15. He is 6'1 and weighs 230. Lineman written all over him!! I have coached football for the Jr Wallenpaupack program for 8 years now. I am the VP of Marketing for a national distributor. I am currently going through a marriage separation from my wife of 16 years, so this board is a great release from the stresses of that. I was a senior during our 1994 season, however my craziest and wildest game I ever saw was the 1992 Miami game, even though we lost by 3 points. I have seen us play at Rutgers, the Alamo Bowl, Orange Bowl, and at the shoe. The recent events of JS bother me deeply, as Joe is my lifelong idol. I hope he still is after the dust settles.

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    ...and if you're not down with that, then I got 2 words for ya.."suck it!!"

  • My name is Adam Carroll and I am a graduate of University of Central Arkansas (wish I went to Penn State cry) with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I grew up in Missouri being a Penn State fan. Mizzou football in the 80s wasn't on TV so I was drawn to the black shoes, blue shirts w/ no names on them (for real, it did get me) and JoePa. I played a little football in high school and college (flag mostly lol) but really enjoy Friday-Sundays in the fall (high school Friday, college Saturdays, and finish off with NFL Sundays).

    I currently live in the heart of ScUM and Sparty country in Livonia Michigan. I am a Physical Therapist that works in Outpatient, Inpatient, and Home Care. My wife is a resident at a small community hospital in Garden City Michigan. She also went to UCA but I have converted her to the dark side (PSU) also (been encouraging her to look for jobs in PA but my mother has said hateful words to us when we talk about moving to PA....she lives in MO still). She hasn't officially been to a game at Happy Valley (did go to the spring game in 2010) but has been to Penn State games at ScUm, MSU, and Northwestern with me so far. We are going to the Illinois road game and Wisconsin game after Thanksgiving. We have 2 daughters, Madison-Anne is 3 and Meredith is 5 months. Madison watches games with me on Saturdays and kind of has the We Are...Penn State chants down. She also will go to her 1st Happy Valley game when Penn State plays Wisconsin. We (I mostly, lol) plan on both of our daughters going to Penn State (fingers crossed).

    My favorite Penn State game was the 2009 @ Michigan game....yes we finally beat them there!!!! wife's 1st Penn State game and she was so impressed by the amount of Nittany Lions' fans, all the Penn State chants, and JoePa on the field. My favorite Penn State players are Michael Robinson and Curtis Enis (he was the 1st one I really followed as a Penn State fan).

    Sorry my response is a little long but I love Penn State!!!!

    Success isn't something that just happens - success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared. -- Sparky Anderson

  • My name is Doug Hartman, I'm 38 years old. Live in lower paxton PA which is right outside of harrisburg. Never went to college went right to work, currently I work for verizon. I do fios installations. I graduated from bishop McDevitt high school in 1993. Played football from first grade to a senior in high school. After I couldn't play anymore I started attending some Penn State games with my father and have been an David fan ever since.

    I have a bar room that is full every Saturday except the games I attend. My wife used to think it was a sickness but I guess it's contagious because she is now an avid fan aswell.

    My bar room is always open to Penn State fans so hit me up with a message and I will give you directions.

    Favorite game was my first ever game and 81 to 0 beat down of cincinnati. Wasn't a great game but it was memorable because it was my first.

  • My name is Todd Speck; I graduated from Penn College in 1982. I live about 30 miles south of State College but I am currently dating a woman in State College and I’m there a lot. I am the VP of a manufacturing plant in Huntingdon, PA where I have been employed for almost 29 years. I have 3 sons (29), (27) and (15) and a Daughter (21). My girl friend got her under grad from Rutgers and her grad from PSU. She has 4 children, 3 of which are current Penn State students at University Park campus.

    I have been a season ticket holder for over 20 years. I never miss a home game and I usually go to at least two away games a years as well. I haven’t missed a PSU/OSU game (home or away) since 2004. I am a member of the PSU Alumni Association (Centre County Chapter), a life time member of “Back the Lions”, a member and corporate sponsor of the State College Quarterback Club and a corporate sponsor of the “Huddle Up” with Steve Jones TV program. I also started a new Penn State football fan page on FaceBook called “PENN STATE Football Nation” after the former page was abandoned and take over by spam.

    Favorite stadium/campus I have been to – Notre Dame
    Best away game fan base – Ohio State
    Worse away game fan base – Michigan
    All-time favorite game – Nebraska at Penn State 2002 (40-7) Penn State’s 1994 National championship game
    Most exciting game – Ohio State at Penn State 2005
    Best away game experience - 2009 Rose Bowl, my son and I had a great time

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  • Nice idea. I've been fortunate enough to get to know many board members on a personal level, but for those who I have not...

    I'm Tom, 28, currently a Sales Analyst/Coordinator for a large regional bank (think Pittsburgh Pirates) in Chester County, PA. My wife and I are about to celebrate our 5th anniversary (no kids yet, 6 nieces/nephews). We live in East Vincent Twp, which is between Phoenixville and Pottstown. I was born in Chambersburg, grew up in Lancaster (L-S district), and went to HS along the Jersey Shore (Red Bank Regional, alma mater of Eric McCoo and current commit Garret Sickels). In addition to PSU, I'm a fan of Philadelphia pro teams and Chelsea Football Club. I'm also a big American History guy...specifically Civil War era.

    Despite being lifelong PSU fan, I hold an Associates in Math from Temple and B.S. in Organizational Leadership from a small seminary in Chester County. I'm currently halfway finished with the PSU MLD program thru the Great Valley campus in Malvern. Small brag last semester's paper was just chosen for consideration to present at next yr's SIOP conference in Houston. Hopefully, it's accepted. Regardless, choosing to enroll was one of the best decisions of my life. Achieving a PSU degree has been a lifelong dream, and I can't wait to claim Alumni status next summer.

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  • Awesome idea Michael. I'm Clint - 39 years old, grew up in Pensacola, FL, now live in Arlington, VA. Dad's family has been in Lancaster County for over 150 years; he was in the Navy and met my mom who was a local P'cola girl. He was a die-hard PSU fan and despite some early liking for Alabama, the '86 Fiesta bowl sealed my lifelong PSU loyalty. Like many others here, Joe was my mentor, despite the fact I never met him. He and my grandfather were very similar, despite one being from the Deep South and one being from Brooklyn, and I respected both if them more than anyone else on earth.

    Applied to PSU in '91 and got in, picked out my dorm, the whole thing, but came from a poor family and a free education at FSU 2 hours from home seemed a much more practical choice than $60k in debt to attend PSU, so FSU it was. It worked out - got involved in politics, worked for a couple of Governors, lobbied for a few years, and helped run a state health agency. Moved to DC in 09, and currently run the government healthcare group for a global company. Single (divorced), no kids, awesome girlfriend, life is good.

    Like Tdiddy, being a PSU grad has been a lifelong dream, and I was accepted last week to the PSU World Campus MHA program, so in about two years I'll be "official".

    Make it to a couple of games a year - favorite game in person was Miami '99, with my brother and my Dad - only game we've ever been to all together, amazing ending, and beating Miami is always sweet as a Nole and a Lion. Hate JS even more knowing he was in the sidelines for that game.

    I'll bleed blue and white til the day I die, and no matter how heinous the actions of four or five men were, #Wearestill and #Willalways be PENN STATE

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  • Thanks for the link.

    I wanted to go to PSU also so I can be an I can....sweet!

    Success isn't something that just happens - success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared. -- Sparky Anderson

  • Nice idea, I do more reading than commenting, so I know many may not know who I am. My name is Ryan, I am 17, and I live in Atlanta. I will be a senior in high school this coming fall and as for colleges, I am undecided right now. I have a couple of offers to play college tennis at some smaller schools and with the hope scholarship (Full tuition paid at any in state school) I may end up at UGA. I will be applying to PSU for sure and if the price is right I would love to go. My dad graduated in the early 1980's and has been a lifelong fan and I guess that is how I got started. I first got started in recruiting in 2008 or so and love keeping up with the school and hearing what all you guys have to say, since most of you are way more in touch with the school than I am.

    My favorite game was the Outback Bowl vs LSU. It is the only Penn State game I went to and I won 25 bucks from a bet with an LSU fan.

    Being in the south, the JS scandal has made talking college football tough with friends. I love the quality of this board and the openess to discussion. I love the direction the program is headed in and would love for BOB to restore the national respect for PSU.

  • Hi guys - my name is Amol (pronounced "A mole" and not "A mall"). Unlike most on this board, I am not an American but an Indian from Bombay. I am 37, married for 12 years to my first girlfriend who I was dating for 7 years before marriage. I have two boys, 9 and 4 and the three are the love of my life. Also, unlike most I have no family connections to PSU - being born and brought up in India. I came to PSU for my Masters in Electrical Engg and graduated in 2000. Since then I have been working with a Big 3 Consulting firm. I manage large IT system development for US State Govt agencies and currently focus on Health Insurance Exchanges.

    I watch all PSU games over the Internet, since I moved back to India in 2006. I make a business trip to the US during the football season and try to catch a live game. Favorite all time game was beating OSU at OSU with Royster having a great game and Devlin starting a QB controversy.

    Like Seinfeld would say, I spend more time on these boards than with my real life friends; so it's great to get to know some of you better.

  • Okay....I'll start this for the ladies.

    My name is Karol and I'm not a Penn State grad - I'm a Kansas Jayhawk. However, I married into the PSU family back in 1994. I grew up in Southern Illinois near St. Louis, but the family moved to Kansas City. I played volleyball at Kansas and am a diehard KU basketball fan. My husband grew up in Chambersburg, graduated PSU with an engineering degree in 1981. He took a job with the Navy (civilian) fresh out of PSU and after a stint in the VA Beach area, ended up in DC. I moved to DC in 1988 and met him playing volleyball. We have 2 children, 17 and 10 and live in Alexandria, VA. I currently work for a non-profit. We are season ticket holders and make it to almost all games. My husband and son (the 17 year old) have a tradition of going to every bowl game, while my daughter and I sometimes go as well.

    I do want to say this about PSU and I'm sure all of you know it.....PSU and Penn Staters are something very, very special. My love for Penn State started with the football program and JoePa. But after becoming involved with the local alumni chapter, I began to see that it's so much more than football -- it's the students, the faculty, the alumni, the fans, the education you receive at PSU, the research, etc. Penn Staters are the salt of the earth. That is the "cult" called Penn State.

    My admiration for JoePa will never change. The Penn State family will get through this and it will take a long time to restore the image of the university in the eyes of some people. Penn State may never be viewed favorably with others and so be it. But if I know one thing about Penn Staters, you will not let this define you. You will take what has happened and make good of it -- both in your personal lives and for your university.

    Now, the only thing that really irritates me about Penn State is the out of state tuition!

  • Hello . My name is Dan. I'm 37 . I grew up in Illinois . Just turned on the tv one day and the white uniforms , black shoes, I was hooked . Played football several years. Graduated high school in 93 . Went in to the military and was discharged because of knee issues . Moved to the south side of Atlanta ,Georgia in 94 and work for a hydraulic hose company. I have an 8 yr old son who loves football almost as much as I do . He is starting his 4 th season. I was a NLC member for about 10 years and decided it wasnt financially sound anymore . Still go to games every year . I have a few games that I have attended that I like . The purdue vs psu in 2000 when we had so much emotion and drive and beat a good purdue team and the only game that I have attended with my son, who had just turned 5 at the time , 2008 vs Michigan st . The 1st time he had seen real snow . It was cold and snowing our whole trip . I'm looking forward to our upcoming trip this year and the season . I'm glad that I'm a member of this board and even though we do not all know each other in person , we are all part of a big family . No matter what happens in the future, most families stick by each other , through good and bad . Ready for the new regime and new season. ....

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  • My name is Rick. 63 years old. Grew up in Hazleton, PA. Currently live in Mountaintop, PA after living in MD, CA, CT, HI, RI, and NC. Wife, mother, father, both grandfathers, aunts, uncles, many cousins PSU grads. BS Math/minor Physics from Wilkes U (played some hoop with a certain coach in the BIG), Navy OCS, Gulf of Tonkin combat OPS during Easter Offensive of 1972, stayed in the Navy Reserve retired as a CDR. Been to a lot of places (Korea DMZ, Iceland, Okinawa, Portugal, Med, Italy, Switzerland, North Atlantic, Pearl Harbor with the USN). MS Nuc Eng at PSU; came back to PSU for MBA (turned down Wharton). Worked for nuclear utilities for 25 years. JD UCONN Law. Currently self-employed Patent Atty and consulting atty for major construction projects in Southeast. (I'm lucky I have two jobs in a time when millions of people have no job).

    Season ticket holder since 2001. My favorite PSU is the next one. I love heading to Beaver Stadium on a Saturday morning.

    Still a huge JoePa supporter - Success With Honor. Really looking forward to seeing what Coach O brings to the table.

    My favorite players are the ones who combine academics and athletic achievements. Number one right now is John Urschel, followed in no particular order by Poz, Wiz, Michael Robinson, Daryl Clark, and Robert Price. (MRob, Daryl, and Robert because they used their time at PSU to get two degrees). Another favorite from way back is Carmen Masciantonio - because he got a degree in Chem Eng while playing LB for Joe. Also like Justin King because he graduated in three years and was frequently on Dean's List.

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  • My name is Mike Vails, I'm 32 years old and originally from Brooklyn, NY (Red Hook)... I attended the U of Buffalo to play football but that didn't work out and I dropped out midway through my freshman year (Dont judge me... LOL).... After I dropped out of school I moved to Fort Myers, FL (love it there) where I continued to pursue my football career... I played semi pro, Arena and even tried out for the CFL (Ottowa Renegades) in which I made the team but that's another long story... So anyway, football didn't work out so I joined the Army... I did my basic training at Fort Jackson, SC... AIT at Fort Lee, VA... My first duty station was Fort Lewis, WA (awesome place and state)... I deployed to Camp Taji Iraq in 09-10... Now I'm stationed here at Fort Irwin, CA (this place sucks!) I also model part time ( I have a beautiful wife and a 5 year old son... I have been a Penn State fan since I was twelve years old... We are!!!

    Edited language.

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  • My name is Daniel Ray. I'm from Aiken, SC and I'm 21. My mom graduated from Penn State in 86 and I was raised a PSU fan. Ironically my dad is the one who supports my fandom more by going with me to games, to restaurants to watch games, etc. I'll be a senior at USCe this year in Chemical Engineering. Carolina is the very last team you'll see me cheering for, but i'm there solely from the financial standpoint. I hope/plan to be at PSU in the fall of 2013 to get a masters in food science. I'm also considering medical school, but I rather be positive I want to go that route before I commit to the time/loans and therefore plan on doing the 2 year masters in SC first. I've actually spent the last two days in Hershey and State College. My favorite game attended would be a tie between MSU '08 and OSU in the Shoe last year. NW 06 will also have a special meaning to me as the first game I've been to.

  • Paul, 35, originally from Scranton, PA, unfortunately where the Mox comes from also. I work for the Department of Defense (Proud to support our troops) and prior to that I made a living as a musician. The most famous person I've played with was John Legend. I made enough money playing drums that I put off plans to attend Berklee and well... here I am. Stopped playing because I needed a more stable occupation for the kids and wife and dont regret it. Played highschool football at Mid-Valley Highschool in Throop, PA. Nose Guard/Middle Linebacker and Right Guard.

    Favorite PSU game I was at, 2005 PSU/Ohio State no doubt. Favorite player, MRob.

  • Andy, 34 and originally from Hughesville, MD (aka, the sticks). Live in San Francisco with my wife, 2 young kids (Dylan, 2.5 years and Caleb, 10 months) and work as a construction manager. Graduated from Bishop McNamara HS (DCAA) in 95, played soccer and lacrosse in HS. Graduated PSU AE in 2001 (5 year program + coop for all you smart asses out there). Played on PSU's club lacrosse team for a couple of seasons. Both of my parents are OSU alumni, so we always have "friendly" bets around the house come football season even though they're not very friendly.

    Going to see Penn State football over multiple seasons was a religious experience to me. Favorite game is a toss up between PSU - Michigan in 95 (think snowball to Amani Toomer and fake FG to win it) or PSU - U Arizona in 99 (blow out 4 vs 3 preseason). Favorite player was LaVar.

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  • We all got issues so why not!

    Hi, my name is Chris Kelly. Grew up in the small town of Conshohocken, PA. Lifelong Penn State fan because of my dad who did not graduate from Penn State but from a smaller school. Me and him were the outliers. Typical Irish Catholic extended family that bleeds Blue & Gold, but me and my dad can't stand Notre Dame. I went to Plymouth Whitemarsh High School where I was an average student that played Lacrosse. Got accepted into main campus for the summer session out of high school, declined it and did a semester at Abington. I wasn't very mature, but now I go to UPark. Going away was just what the doctor ordered, it straightened me out. Right now I am on a six year plan. I had health issues while away with a blood clot that resulted in a pulmonary embolism. I am finally healthy and plan on continuing a degree in biology. I would like to be a physicians assistant someday.

    Favorite game was watching State take on NW in 2006. It was my first game in person with my dad. That was when I knew that I wanted to attend Penn State. Also Deon Butler broke OJ McDuffies record for the most receiving yards in a game.

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  • My name is John, I am currently a PSU sophomore at the Berks campus.. The dorms here at Berks are much nicer than the ones at University Park thumbsup... I'm glad I live there.. Anyway, I'll be going up to UP after this year. I went to Lansdale Catholic HS where I played football. My coach, Jim Algeo, had been at Lansdale Catholic teaching and coaching since 1967. The Philadelphia Inquirer called him the Joe Paterno of LC. He just retired this past year.

    My dad went to PSU. I am wearing PSU gear in just about every one of my baby pics. Despite that, I came very very close to attending West Virginia University. I didn't really take any college besides PSU seriously, but when I went to Morgantown, I was blown away. But my love for PSU prevailed in the end. Anyway, I can't wait to move back into school!

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  • Hey, I am Sean Kersten, graduated from Penn State Erie, Behrend in 1989 in Engineering, proud to say that I was one of the first Engineering grads from that Penn State program. Met my wife getting my Masters at Drexel University in Environmental Engineering and working for a small company in North Jersey behind the big refinery on I-95. Quit my job about 7 years ago to allow my youngest at the time to attend special preschool program, have since adopted 2 boys from Guatemala. Am married 18 years in 8 more days and father of 4 boys the youngest two adopted from Guatemala. We have lived in DC, 7 years, Raleigh, NC 8 years, Marburg, Germany 3 years and last 15 months in Basel Switzerland. My kids are fussball (soccer to you) nuts and crazy PSU fans. We watch games over internet and over tapes when in Germany, now with ESPN America saw a couple games live. The boards are an escape for me and help me keep connected to the Penn State network. As someone else stated it is more the just football it is a community. We have two kids from our English Catholic Community sending kids to PSU.

    Favorite PSU game was my fathers and two older boys first in 2004, MSU v. PSU, Mills last game, cold, wet, rainy, tailgated with a friend I met on another board and met Galen Hall at their tailgate. Great to see senior day. We got our photo taken with JoePa statue and later got the photo signed by Joe. Interesting fact Joe shared same birthday with my dad and wife. When in Raleigh I went to many games at local watering hole and got involved in the board of the Triangle Penn State Chapter, was amazed to see who was a PSU grad, including local weather man, who played tuba at a few big games with couple other musicians 'our mini Blue Band'. I bleed blue and white and my wife is now a fan, Berkley and UPenn grad.

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  • Awesome idea!!

    My name is Jack. I'm 29 and live in Groton, CT. I received my associate's degree from Penn State in 2006 and my bachelor's in 2010. I work for General Dynamics Electric Boat as an engineer. We build nuclear submarines for the US Navy. I grew up just outside of Altoona, PA which is just minutes away from the motherland! I have been a Penn State fan since I could walk.

    I have tailgated at so many games I can't remember how many I've been to. The best experience I have was from when Penn State beat Ohio State in 2008. I was at Champs watching the game and when Terrelle Pryor fumbled at the end of the game and Penn State recovered, I thought my ears were going to bleed. We then went downtown in front of the dorms on East Beaver Ave where 5000-10000 people had gathered. Everyone was yelling and having a good time and it never got out of control. It was quite an unbelieveable experience. WE ARE!

  • Great idea!

    My name is Josh Hoch. I'm a native of Middletown, PA but now reside in Susquehanna Township, just outside of Harrisburg, with my wife. I got married a little over a year ago in June 2011. My wife is currently attending PSU Harrisburg to obtain her Bachelor of Finance. No kids...yet. Just a dog and a cat. We are also new home owners so we are enjoying that aspect of life as well. I graduated from PSU in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences & Technology. I'm actually going back to school (World Campus) to pursue my Master's Degree in Information Sciences starting this fall. I'm currently an IT consultant/DBA in training. I'm not sure of the exact route I want my career to go quite yet. Project Management intrigues me but I don't know if I want that type of role/responsibility.

    On a PSU related level, I was basically born into a PSU family. It's actually kind of ironic because I'm the first one in my family to actually go to PSU for college, as a matter of fact, college of any sort. My family has however had football season tickets since the late 1970s so I was introduced to PSU and PSU football at a very young age. It kinda grew on me and ever since I was a little kid I said I would go to PSU. Now that I'm all grown up (kinda), I purchased football season tickets after I graduated so I could continue going to games. Up until last season, I hadn't missed a home game from the 1994 season until the Iowa game last year (due to a wedding). A streak of just over a 100 home games in a row. I recently just purchased hockey season tickets as well and am extremely stoked about the team going NCAA Division I and the new arena.

    My freshman year at PSU was 2005 and that was the start of "bringing PSU back". What an incredible year that was that was capped by a Orange Bowl win over Bobby Bowden in 3 OTs!! My senior year we went 11-1 (god damn Iowa) and received a Rose Bowl berth but got pummeled by USC. Needless to say, my four years of college were phenomenal in every aspect, especially from a football aspect from my freshman and senior years. Other favorite sports teams are the Phillies, Flyers, Denver Broncos, and North Carolina Tar Heels.

    Any other questions, just ask me!

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  • My name is Mitch, and I'm 36. I am an AE in the TV advertising sales industry, and live in Hoboken, NJ. Class of '98 here. I didn't grow up with PSU like alot of you. In fact, my only memory was of the 1987 Fiesta Bowl. Dave Szott was our hometown hero, and a very highly recruited freshman OL so we watched and rooted for PSU that night. From there, it was another 6 years before PSU came onto my radar. Thankfully I discovered this wonderful school and football program in much more detail at that time.
    My first game at the Beav was vs. USC in 1994. I didn't see a loss for over one calendar year after I enrolled, that frustrating 1995 Wisconsin game. My favorite game is still vs. Ohio State in 1994, and my favorite player to watch was Ki-Jana. And one of the best days of my life was in December 1994 when I was walking past Pattee with no one else in sight and Joe Paterno was walking towards me. We shook hands and said hello, and it still resonates with me today.

    The last year has been tough to go through as a Penn Stater, and will likely become tougher before subsiding. But one thing is for sure, my love and loyalty for this school will burn brightly no matter what.

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    "A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of the sheep"- Glenn Carson

  • Whats up guys, I'm Jason. Im 31, from Bloomsburg, Pa(attended Bloomsburg University) and I just bought my first house in Carlisle, PA.(probably looking for a roomate if anyone is in the area, haha) I work at the Capitol in Harrisburg, for the House of Representatives in the mailroom. No wife or kids yet, just a proud uncle of 3 boys and an adorable little girl. I have always been a PSU football fan, but i fell in love with the campus and gameday atmosphere about 10 yrs ago when i would frequently visit a good friend who went to PSU. I usually make it to 2 or 3 games a year with my buddy whos family has amazing season tix. My favorite game is either the night game sack/fumble win against O$U, or the Orange Bowl victory against FSU! Im really excited about the direction this program is headed and looking forward to seeing what the coaching staff can do on gameday. We Are!!!

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    "I'm a Pennsylvania boy with a Penn State heart" JF

  • My name is Paul. Class of '74 so that makes me 60 years old.

    I was the first in my family to go to college and graduate. Now I can boast a wife and a son who have also graduated from Penn State. When I first met my wife she didn't know what a first down was. Now she sits and screams at the games as much as I do.

    We live in Lafayette, Indiana now. It is the home of Purdue University and my wife works there. Despite this, we are loyal Penn State fans.

    I guess the game I'll always remember was beating Pitt 48-14 in 1981 when Pitt was ranked #1.

    As for the tough times we're having right now I think we are going to emerge from this stronger than ever. That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

  • Scott, 35. I grew up in DuBois, PA. I went to PSU DuBois for a few semesters then joined the Air Force in 1997...I hit my 15 year mark next month, insane how time flies! I met my wife at PSU DuBois, we've been married since 1999. We have two children (Marek 6, Lauren 4). I've been a lifelong Penn State fan. I never attended a game (and living only 55 miles from State College) until 2005 when we played Cincinnati. I don't care that it was an OOC game. I had more fun there than I did when stationed in Denver and got to go to the AFC Championship Game (Steelers v. Broncos).

    AF history:
    Jan 1998 - Apr 2004: Dover AFB. Security Forces (1998-2001) and retrained into Personnel (2001-04). I deployed 3x while at Dover (Operation Desert Fox in Doha Qatar in Dec 98; Operation Southern Watch, Ali Al Salem Kuwait in Dec 99 - Feb 00; Operation Iraqi Freedom, Camp Sather, Baghdad AB, Iraq Oct 03 - Mar 04). I've had some interesting experiences ranging from being in a C-130 crash, guarding Jimmy Carter's helicopter when he visited Kuwait, to being stationed in a war zone (which I never thought would ever happen :-)

    Apr 04 - Jan 08: Denver, CO. HQ Air Reserve Personnel Center (IMA Assignments and Readiness)
    Jan 08 - Feb 10: Langley AFB, VA. Readiness Mgt Group (RMG) Det 8 Base IMA Administrator (BIMAA)
    Feb 10 - present: Hanscom AFB, MA. RMG Det 12 BIMAA

    Not a PSU grad but attending American Military University (Distance Learning) working on my BA in Hospitality Mgt (Food Concentration). I retire in 5 years and would like to own a B&B outside of State College and have some land for sustainable farming.

    Believe deep down in your heart that you're destined to do great things - Joe Paterno