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Maryland to the B1G?

  • Honestly, you know that is not the reason 99% of those on here state as their's all the "conspiracy" belief or the lack of support from others in the conference, etc...

  • You should take a statistics class.

    Anyway, as to your original post, monetarily, the relationship is mutually beneficial. Most fans are talking about this from non-monetary perspectives because it's really not their money on the line. That's how fandom works in college football. The schools care more about the money than the fans, same with every school.

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  • I get it....I just said I was surprised there is a thread on it every week....


  • If you get it, then why the hell do you keep asking?

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  • I can certainly understand why some Penn Staters would want to be in the ACC in terms of fit. However I read the Maryland boards on occasion and their general opinion is while the ACC is east coast they feel it is southern centric conference, run by short sighted good old boys and power is dominated by the Carolina schools. While I certainly think of Penn State as East coast I certainly do not think of you as Southern. Maybe the cultural fit is there but I do not see it. At the end of the day Penn State should always do what is best for Penn State.

  • What I "Get" is it is mutually beneficial...thus making all the bitching that much more ridiculous....

    I understand ties to your school...I have mine as well...but folks also need to be able to step back and take a look at how others see us....That's why coaches will "self scout" their team, corporations will pay big money for consultants to come and give them an overhaul etc....If you could look at things without letting personal feelings to get involved you would see what others are talking about....and no, it's not just your board, it's most boards, but with what has happened this past year with PSU I think the ability to be realistic has been pushed aside...hopefully not forever...believe it or not, everything that happens to PSU isn't a conspiracy..."glitches" happen on websites, officials make bad calls....Hell, Ohio State is the most penalized team in the BIG this year, by a pretty good margin..

  • Exactly correct....I live in NC and I have said somewhere in this thread that if PSU thinks they get no calls now in the BIG, be careful what you wish for...the ACC is definitely a "Good Ol Boy" conference that would absolutely take the money PSU could bring to the conference but would NEVER want them to be the ACC champ in any sport...period...

  • I see it where they negotiated their latest TV rights and Swofford wanted to keep his son in business at Raycomm so they kept them as part of the package instead of starting their own network. BTN certainly has issues but it light years better and more profitable than the Raycomm days. That is a 15 year decision there. Then they expand with Syracuse and Pitt but do not gain almost no additional revenue as a result. That is a 100 year decision. The move with ND is a sign of weakness. The new playoff format and payouts favor the SEC and B1G because the ACC lacks leverage. In sure Penn Staters feel Michigan and Ohio State dominates the conference but since Penn State held out as a independent for so long they would feel the same in any conference with an established power structure in place. Not to mention in divisional realignment with the addition of Nebraska, Penn State got hooked up with staying east with Ohio State and having access to those recruiting grounds.

  • I still have absolutely no idea why ANY conference would let Notre Dame play in their conference in all other sports, but not the only revenue generating sport....

    Pretty simple, any conference that ND wants to align with holds the cards....either all in or None in....How long will Notre Dame survive with all of its' other sports not tied to a conference? Why let them reap the benefits of any NCAA BBall money splits yet they won't give up any of their NBC contract dollars....The reason they have never "wanted" to join the BIG is because our administration wouldn't bow down, it was all or ND ran to the Big East and now the ACC...don't let them fool you, they like to think they are above the BIG academically is the reason...There are schools in the BIG that a degree carries as much weight, the real reason is the BIG stared down their gun and didn't blink...

  • Listen (I know it's not your strong suit because you're convinced you're right about what you're saying). I'm very rational about all of this. I think the B1G is the right conference for PSU. I think money is what runs this, and for good reason. Please don't tell me how my personal feelings are interfering with my judgment.

    As a rational person, I also understand that many people see things from different perspectives. I don't need to feel superior and tell them they are myopic and don't understand how it works. It's their perspective, they have it, and who the hell am I to say that them seeing things differently makes them wrong. Please stop saying that everyone's opinion here is wrong. I don't agree with their opinions. You obviously do not either. But that doesn't make them right or wrong. Stop trying to tell everyone how to feel here. Nobody wants to be told how to feel, especially by someone who does not relate directly to the people here on the issue because he's a fan of a different team.

    I respect however OSU fans feel about different things relating to their program. I wouldn't tell them how to feel about it or incessantly call them out. Just stop telling people what they should think and actually discuss things without intentionally trying to push buttons and provoke people to get pissed off.

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  • I'm sorry...

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  • Not telling you how to think dude.....

    If you are truthful in all of your statements then you're probably tiring of the same topics continuously coming up on your board....

    I never said I was right and you or others were wrong...I simply said it's obvious that a move must not be happening so why continue to complain about where you are.... I understand your fans don't feel like they've ever been accepted as part of the Big Ten conference, or welcomed...but maybe part of that comes back on y'all....Doesn't really seem like you've ever considered yourselves part of the conference so one hand washes the other.... I must say, when you first joined the conference there was a definite cockiness to your fanbase...I remember seeing signs at games mocking the Big Ten and "easy" victories etc....not a great "new housemate"... you reap what you sew, and your early success in the conference and the blatant rudeness may have something to do with other teams taking joy in beating you on the field, and to some of the degenerates, taking joy in your current situation...

  • I've said I'm tired of it over and over. I honestly don't think I've posted in a single "refs" thread on this site. Again, you have skipped over the parts of my posts that you didn't want to read.

    One hand certainly washes the other. The first straw was us barely getting voted into the conference and it taking forever to make us a full member. Then in 1994 when a bunch of B1G writers did not vote for PSU over Nebraska after PSU thrashed the conference. Some PSU fans thought PSU would dominate as well and came in with a chip on their shoulders because of the fact that part of the conference voted against us.

    I think it's pretty clear that some have never fully accepted PSU and some PSU fans come off poorly. Blatant rudeness works both ways as well. Hell about two years ago I saw whole threads on boards about how PSU doesn't belong in the B1G still. So I'd suggest not responding unless you add something, instead of calling people out

    I'm still not sure what you're trying to get out of this by repeating the same things though? This circle could go on forever. Just stop calling posters out. Like when you said that's all bills talks about. Dude talks as much about actual football as almost anyone on here.

    At this point, we all know exactly how you feel about the PSU/ACC/refs things. If you have something new to add, that's great. If you're going to post something that you've already stated 10 times over, knowing you'll get a rise out of someone because of it, I'd implore you to refrain. That's up to you, but I don't think that's unreasonable by any means.

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  • Robo, the Big is where PSU belongs, I hate the calls and Delaney, not sure if two are connected. My issue is there needs to be more transparancy, ie some sort of review, but does not need to be public. IMO nothing comes from making these things public and getting ESPN involved (we certainly know about that).

    That said, I see us as part of the Big, our rivlary with OSU is amazing, the past 5 years IMO the premier match up in the conference, both teams play well outside conference more so than UW and UM of late. The academic side is awesome IMO and it fits the other sports we have as well, aside from P10 I do not think there is a more complete athletic conference than the Big.

    As far as expansion with UMD, I would love to add UMD, not a powerhouse, but give it a regional sense, and it would add numbers in DC area, meaning more PSU games and UMD games. DC is full of PSU grads who are more passionate about their school than UMD for football. BB that is another story. To me it does not make sense adding one more team, need balance to bring it to 7 in each division and am not sure with issues that came up when UN joined it will/would happen without a pair.

  • I thought he was gone for good. He lied. He can't help himself.

  • Outside of the money, the Big Ten stinks. That's what I think. coffee

  • Fact is, with him, its the same old song and dance. Come over; tell us whats best for PSU because he himself knows - keep repeating himself and then run back over to the board of degenerates and continue to post. He can't understand why anyone would want to leave the league where his President, AD and in time, head football coach sleep with the commissioner. He can't understand its more than shitty officiating too. Blatant rudeness? So OSU doesn't have that? What a joke.

    Also, how does he explain the fact OSU will receive its allotment of BIG bowl revenue this year even though it can't go to a bowl because of NCAA sanctions, but yet, PSU can't get any bowl money for the next four years? Interesting, right? Only in the BIG.

    Everyone put him on ignore and maybe he goes away for good. Then again, he has already said he would leave twice and always returns. Keep arguing with him. He has an obsession with people who he does this with. It's pretty obvious.

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  • Almost as surprising as you constantly coming back here and annoying the hell out of people.

  • Outside of her hotness Erin Andrews sucks. That's what I think.

  • A rivalry isn't amazing when one side doesn't even consider it a rivalry. That is a main point here, isn't it? Michigan is their rival, no matter how much more competitive our series has been the past few years. It's time you accept that we do not have a rival in this conference.

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    "A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of the sheep"- Glenn Carson

  • Everyone is giving the B10 too much credit, not a power house like the SEC, ACC is perfect for PSU

    time to leave the overrated B10 and join the ACC. thats my opinion

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  • I really don't get all of this sudden ACC love. The ACC is struggling to stay relevant in football. Their schools have been getting almost no national attention, Miami is in shambles, FSU is mediocre, and VT is just bad.

    The ACC is like a slightly better version of the Big East. They're a basketball-first conference that has football, but their stock rises and falls with UNC and Duke in March Madness.

    This would be at best a lateral move in football, and really, in terms of national exposure/attention it would be a simple downgrade. It would be an absolute downgrade in wrestling, hockey, and a majority of the other non-revenue producing sports, and we would go from being reasonably competitive every few years in our basketball conference to a perennial bottom feeder in the ACC.

    All of that assumes that the ACC would even want PSU, and I'm not at all convinced that we're worth the trouble that follows us right now. The ACC already has to deal with the garbage at UNC and Miami, so they're now going to bring in PSU and put another huge dent in the national image of their conference?

    You guys have a severely inflated sense of what PSU is worth right now. The only thing PSU has to sell to anyone is the fanbase, beyond that, we're a pile of problems that needs to be worked out before we can provide any value to any conference.

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  • I love your republican ass.

    But outside of the money the B10 sucks donkey balls.

  • Sudden ACC love?? The B10 dislike has been around since we joined. ACC football is no worse then the B10. The B10 is sooo overrated, besides wrestling ofcourse.ACC soccer is awesome, BB is unreal, Baseball is not even comparable, ACC kills the B10. With Pitt joining, and adding PSU,(will never happen, only dreaming) the ACC will be just as strong or stronger than the B10. You have an inflated sense of the B10 worth, and PSU has alot more to offer than it's fanbase, thats just a stupid comment. B10 hockey? there is no B10 hockey without PSU, and did you forget that BC is in the ACC?