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The Lions' Pride

Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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Lane Kiffin at his best....

  • Well said. People need to get off their high horse. We only hear part of the situation, and people go nuts over it. Its easy to be judgemental, but from Lion fans? I'd think everyone would have learned. Half-cocked is no way to approach situations in life.

    Devon Smith was a repeat problem. He had rules to follow and couldn't do it. See ya.

    If the Vehikite kid has met his obligations, both legally and school set, then why shouildn't he get a chance to continue? I don't see why the anger from some. Are you the same people still mad at Vick for his crimes?

  • You are kind of glossing over the incident; he didn't get popped at .08 at a checkpoint 4 felony charges and he took a plea deal to get 2 dropped (felony identity theft and felony DUI resulting in injury were dropped in the plea). He plead guilty to two felonies, DUI .08 resulting in injury and leaving the scene of an accident. The incident occurred 7 months prior to him being charged, so it wasn't like he was remorseful, he was hiding from the incident.

  • Well said. I applaud Kiffin for standing up for his guys. These poor kids today are put under such an intense microscope it's really unfair... Talk to some of the old Penn State players and see what they did back in the day... Only difference is things were handled internally back then.

    The kid made a mistake and paid for it - no reason to destroy to his life.

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  • Really? Although I am not in any way outraged over Kiffen's actions, mostly because I am not convinced, as Joesocal points out, that Kiffin did this to secure some big boost for the football team. But, I can't say I applaud his actions either. After all, there should be consequences to one's actions. This was clearly not a simple DUI. He caused injury and fled the scene. As far as I can tell, the details of this have not been released. But, I do know that it is unlikely that he would have had to plead guilty to two felonies, if the facts were favorable to him. Moreover, these are convictions of moral turpitude. I can tell you that if the same situation happened to me (and probably to many of you), I would lose my job. Yet, this kid is welcomed back with a scholarship on a football team competing for a national championship and a chance to earn his degree. Quite fortunate. He should thank his lucky stars.

    I don't wish the kid any ill will. I hope he succeeds in life, gets a degree, and learns from his mistakes. But I also don't think he is deserving of a football scholarship to USC. No kudos to Kiffin or Haden from me.

  • Interesting details for sure.

    He's a great kid who made 4 mistakes in quick succession. I mean, who doesn't get hammered, get behind the wheel and hurt somebody, then flee the scene?

    Typical college kid stuff.

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