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How long til NCAA responds?

  • tired


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    lounge fly

  • I'd say your BoT's Sunday meeting gives you the answer to how long until the NCAA responds (to all the threatened appeals, outsider lawsuits, etc.).

    Hard for me to believe your BoT decided to ratify the consent decree in a hurry on their own. It seems more likely to me the NCAA made a call that went something along the lines of:

    "We're done playing with you clowns. Quash all this insanity about modifying the deal or we've got the votes in hand to kick your butts out of the org altogether at the next annual meeting. No sanctions, no 4yr Death Penalty, just nobody can play you in any damn sport period. You've got 24hr to tell us how you'll kill all this bullsheet so we can all move on."

    The result being, your BoT ratifies the consent decree, removes all standing for outsiders to sue...and everybody tries to just move ahead.

    Hopefully, an Oregon investigation/scandal hits the news to take you guys off the front page soon. Man it's getting freaking ugly watching all the denial, gnashing of teeth and hoping for some miracle to make this go away. I feel for the average fan, but come on...this is a done deal and it can't get anything but worse by not just accepting it and soldiering on (especially if your Admin/BoT/Politicians do know there is something else to find).

  • Bullshit. And if this is the case its all the more reason not to ratify. I would love to see Emmert defending the factual findings of the Freeh report (Or ANYWHERE ELSE for that matter) that warrant the punishment it gave us NEVERMIND the delirious one you have come up with.

    Emmert cant get on the stand in Federal court and say "I did it because Steven A Smith was SO MAD!!! LIKE!!! REAL MAD!!! and then that Freeh guy thinks that it might have been because of that MqQuaid guy's story or something to protect football!! I READ THE SUMMARY TWICE!" because public opinion should not condemn us without the facts. I dont give a fuck about Unsubstantiated opinions. I just want facts.

    Thats all I want. I would rather be hanged by the truth than to walk away with my balls in a cup because of someones opinion that I was guilty.

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