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Hello State Fans....from Bama

  • BetterOff

    Wanted to stop by again and say hi. I am glad for you guys that BOB is sticking around and even more so for the reasoning that he gave. It shows great character from that when he had a chance to make the quick flip to almost any team he wanted this year that he decided to stay for the right reasons. Personally, I think the more he is able to build, the more he may be willing to stay long term, and with some of the guys he has coming in, he should have a good chance of that.

    The pure Alabama fan in me wouldn't have minded getting to take another shot at Hack though if he would have left though biggrin.

    Regardless of what he does in the future, you can't fault a man for doing what he feels is best for his family either. I am glad he has helped weather the storm as well as he has up until now. I remember after week 1 or 2, when most analysts were saying maybe 3 wins this past season for you guys, and it was hard to argue with them at the time. The team showed a ton of guts and they could have quit and no one could have blamed them with what they had went through.

    BOB should be a celebrated man there and even if he doesn't stick around long enough in the future to see the fruits of his labor, he is definitely on the right track to having Penn St ready to a force to reckon with when the sanctions are over. He should have won some coach of the year awards nationally this season for the job he did.

    Good luck this next season and I am sure I will be around.

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    "Don't confuse association, with something we both really like." ---JB

  • Congrats on winning the NC!

  • BetterOff


    My decision to switch to light beer to stay in better shape paid off greatly!

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    "Don't confuse association, with something we both really like." ---JB

  • NevadaNittany

    In early Novemeber when I was on the Blue Board trying to put some Mich State fans in their place, you decided it would be cool to chime in with your protecting a child rapest bull crap, now your over here wishing us goodluck? GTFO

    BetterOff (Talking about Penn States academics)..."if you think a HC that covered up a travesty like the Sandusky issue, would be above making sure things were taken care of in the classroom as well, you are crazy."

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    BacardiBuckeye: "But in all honesty I like Penn State, I want to see Penn State do good that's why I check this board everyday." 4/2/14

  • BetterOff

    I think you need to go back to the context of the discussion that was being had at the time. People were discussing everything about the Penn St program in that thread and what could be believed at this point. My point was that with what we knew then, that it was hard to believe anything at that point that we knew about the Penn St program from academics to on the field matters.

    I still don't think that is far fetched. It is hard to believe anything at this point that happened amongst the Penn St program. There was a cover up. There is no way to deny that. I that you would find that someone had made another comment in the thread that I was coming back about as well. Kind of a glass house thing.

    I idolized JoePa, much like Penn St fans did. I remember last year after this happened talking to my son about how great he was and how there had to be a mistake. I am still very sad that it was not the case and I would stand by that statement. Someone that is willing to do everything to protect a program in such a malicious would probably do some other things if they felt a repuation needed to be upheld there as well.

    I never said it did happen, and you copied the quote. I stated that you shouldn't believe that he was above anything like that. Big difference.

    Personally, your opinion doesn't matter very much to me. I am probably one of few non-Penn St alums that defended the school on tBB and I started posting here in support of Penn St long before the situation started and posted my support frequently during the situation. I support the people in the area, I support the school, but in no way support what happened or the people directly involved and honestly don't have any trust in those people anymore. That needs to be understood. People that do bad things can still have done many great things, but it does bring in some questions as to why and to what extent, IMO.

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    "Don't confuse association, with something we both really like." ---JB

  • BetterOff, I appeciate your comments on the board. Neither I nor you know that there was a cover up. We simply don't. Wait for the trials this year so we can learn more of what actually happened.

    "You can take bowl games and you can take external things from people, but you can't take a warrior's heart."

  • I would guess I have spent a few hundred hours reading various reports and articles full of interviews, speculation and conjecture relating to Joe Paterno and the Sandusky case. Nowhere in any article have a read so much as a hint, let alone an accusation of misdeed, when it comes to Joe and academic integrity. Even his biggest detractor/haters have praised his commitment to academics. He did not meddle in his player’s academic affairs. That is fact. For you or anyone else to suggest otherwise is absurd and demonstrates how little you know.

    Did he attempt to shield his players from the DA on occasion? Yes he did. No problems with that personally as I hate the criminal justice system as it exists in the US today.

    As for your assertion that Joe took part in a malicious cover-up, well the jury is still out on that one to say the least, and Joe’s involvement is not well supported in the “documentation” in the Freeh report. May there have been a cover-up, sure. But the incident currently attributed to the PSU campus may also have not been communicated to the administration in a proper manner by Mike McQueary and/or they may have received poor advice from their legal counsel. The trial will hopefully bring closure to a lot of lingering questions. I for one am not too concerned about it casting a negative light on Joe Paterno.

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  • Spoken like someone with no knowledge of the situation outside of tBB hate and ESPN. Well done.

    You are making some pretty strong matter of fact statements. Do some research and come back in a year and a half like a lot of us here have dissected. Until then, please do not come on our board, telling us the 1000s of great men that Joe Paterno churned out due to his focus on academics, is a farce. Also, please do not come back unless you can back up such strong statements such as "There was a cover up. There is no way to deny that." Maybe, wait for the actual criminal trials of the suspects alleged to have "covered up" this mess to make such a strong statement. Also maybe learn that Joe Paterno was one of the few in this mess that the Attorney General said that he did what he legally should have done, and was never charged.

    If you respected Joe as much as you said you did, then why dont you give him the benefit of due process? Is that too hard to ask?

    "Whoever’s trying to kill me isn’t getting the job done. But one day, I’m going to punch that f___r in the face." -Mike Mauti

  • clap

    "You can take bowl games and you can take external things from people, but you can't take a warrior's heart."

  • BetterOff

    I guess you've missed a ton of my posts on tBB about the situation. Since we are quoting, I figured, I'd give the full story.

    This was 14 months ago in response to people making fun of the spectacle that was the 2011 Penn St/Nebraska game:

    "I agree that there are a lot of mixed messages coming from the entire ordeal. Hopefully we will one day get some answers from JoePa about the situation. I understand why he is keeping quiet at the moment, but hopefully one day he will have a chance to speak out. Of course, he had a great oppurtunity to speak out a decade ago and chose not to. I think all of us, including Penn St fans, agree that this was a huge mistake.

    I got something different from the game Saturday. Yes, there were a lot of people mourning the firing of JoePa, but that was for many different reasons. These people just found out that their large than life hero was somewhat short of hero status. Yes, they are somewhat going through denial as well also. I also saw a lot of people there to support the team. Don't forget that these kids didn't do anything wrong and that the former players and the fans were mainly there to support them.

    I think that in time, we can forgive the students and others that rioted in outrage of the firing. They are young and got emotional over losing their hero and didn't quite know how to handle it. I am a grown man, with kids, that looks at this situation very differently than them I am sure. I am also seperated from the situation, so my head is not clouded with previous thought and beliefs. A lot of these people are holding on to hope that there is no way a lot of these stories can be true and there will somehow be something found that shows that JoePa had little to no knowledge of the situation. This will more than likely not be the case, but that is where they are in the grieving process.

    There were also a lot of people, students included, there raising awareness for child abuse that was also shown by ESPN. I thought that it was very moving that Tom Bradley went around to thank everyone that he could for coming out to support the team. The Nebraska players and Penn St players joining at midfield was moving. If you go to the Penn St site, there is a video of the prayer and you can hear the message. They were praying for the kids and that hopefully this can be a lessen for everyone involved and for everyone associate with college football so that there is never a repeat of this in any way. The only mention of the Paterno family was to pray for the family as they struggle with their emotions. There was no mention of JoePa personally.

    I think that we should forgive the people of Penn St a little bit of their emotions seem a little twisted at times during this. If you look at the entire Penn St family, there was such a small percentage of people that were in the wrong. Just because this brings all of JoePa's ideals into question now, it doesn't mean that the message that he got across to many of the students and players that he came in contact with was not positive. He is going to pay for his actions and in a lot of ways, already has.

    I think that ESPN was right in not making anymore of a spectacle out of it that they did and I think that they were more into catching the emotion of the day, which was 100,000+ people getting together to show a team and an entire University that they cared to be better and cared to make things right.

    The only person that I saw that was grieving for JoePa openly, was his son Jay. The guy is still his dad and you can't expect him to turn his back on him now. None of you would have done anything different. As for the people that stopped by the Paterno house to pray, how can anyone not pray for the entire Paterno family at his moment? I pray for those all the time that have done horrible things. I hope that they find forgiveness and are able to make something positive out of any negative.

    Everyone has to move on and not everyone is going to move on in the exact way that we should expect them to. It is hard for me to criticize people that just had their world thrown upside down. I can criticize the guilty and those that aided him in this, but there are also innocent victims in this situation that need some time before they will be able to understand the situation. Regardless of how bad an act someone did or aided in covering up, it is hard for many people to go from idolizing and loving someone to hating and being disgusted by them overnight."

    Here is my response about 4 moths ago to a poster still using the term Pedo U:

    "Referring to Penn St as Pedo U or Pedo St is a lot more disrespectful to the victims than to fans, students, and the University, IMO.

    I am sure the victims don't think that name is funny and probably wish people would stop using the term.

    Anyone making light of the issue in anyway is scum IYAM."

    This is from 5 months ago on tBB when we were discussing a possible NCAA appeal:

    "Just to throw my two cents in:

    I think PSU can do whatever they want. Extrodinary measures should have been put in place for this, but it is kind of strange that there was no actual NCAA led investigation and the President made the decision souly on his own, not to mention the President of PSU accepted the penalties without discussing this with his BOT.

    Maybe the penalties are just and fair, as I am definitely not the person to decide that, but I thought the whole reason to have an infractions committee and a BOT was to have a collective decision void of (or at least with as little as possible) bias.

    I just don't like the precedent that the NCAA President set with making the decision on his own."

    A response by me in the same spread when being accussed of being a Penn St homer (I guess):

    "What I said really didn't have much to do with Penn St. I think the sanctions are pretty fair, although I am not an expert and not the person that should be deciding what is fair and isn't. I haven't read all the information and haven't had the time to keep up with all the facts.

    I do think Penn St should be able to appeal if they want to, although with the media scrutiny, even if some unknown witness or document came up that turned everything around, it would probably do no good to either.

    Emmert himself said he acted alone in handing down the sanctions, although yes, I am sure he has some advisors that help him with the decisions, it sounds like it was his final call and that is not a precedent that I agree with being set.

    I would have the same feelings if the NCAA President would have done the same thing to tOSU, Auburn, LSU, USC, or anyone else. He did it for all the wrong reasons. The final sanctions may be what is right, but the quick decision was just to take the black eye off the situation before the season started and is not the process that the NCAA has followed in the past."

    Same thread:

    "I am a Penn St fan and have been since the late 70's. The fans are great and have always been very generous to myself and my family in the 6 trips to State College to watch Alabama play there and that is why I support them."

    Same thread, responding to a tOSU fan bash Penn St fans:

    "I have about 20 or so good friends that are Penn St fans and I know what I have seen from being around them in person for 13 games between Alabama and Penn St, 6 of those in State College and one game in State College between Michigan and Penn St. One of my former bosses that I worked with for about 7 years was a Penn St alum.

    Of course, I like my friends, but the all people I just ran into were all great to be around.

    For the record, I have had a good time with Ohio St fans as well for the most part. Most don't quite seem like you. We met great tOSU fans in Orlando for the Citrus Bowl, in East Rutherford for the kickoff classic back in the 80's, and when I was a bit younger at the 1978 Sugar Bowl. I guess it goes without saying that I have never seen tOSU win a game in person."

    In the same thread agreeing with a comment by a PSU poster getmyjive11:

    "I don't even know how you can hold a couple thousand drunk students accountable for their reaction the day after JoePa was fired. Kids are emotional at that age, an allegiance to your school at a time like that can give you a skewed view of reality, and very few of them even knew what had happened and I am sure found it hard to believe at the time that any of it could have been much of us couldn't at the time either. If someone would have told anyone about a rumor mentioning any of this a year ago, no one would have believed them."

    This one was from just over a week ago when someone was bashing your fanbase:

    "I've seen Penn State play Alabama 13 times. 6 of those were in Happy Valley. I have also been there to see Penn State play Michigan.

    Is that enough times?

    Some of the greatest fans and people that I have ever been around at a football game. Always have a lot of fun with their fans and many of them have become lifelong friends."

    This one is from 13 months ago about cancer research being done at PSU:

    "I am sure this thread will go down a bad path eventually, but Penn St is a great University and you guys have a lot ot be proud of."

    Just pointing out that to judge me based off of one post that was made because a Penn St fan and a MSU fan were arguing about academics on a football message board in a thread that was talking about a bogus TD in the Penn St/Nebraska game doesn't show the complete picture. I re-read the thread that it was from and I was mainly just complaining about them fighting about academics and was just trying to b!tch about that.

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    "Don't confuse association, with something we both really like." ---JB

  • Wow, long post ^^^

  • And, in fact, there is a ton more evidence that there WASN'T a cover-up than there was a cover up. Only extreme ignorance on the events could allow someone to say "There was a cover up. There is no way to deny that."

  • Exactly! It stills blows my mind at how misinformed just about everyone is about the whole situation. It's so sad the number of people that just believed the one sided, garbage that ESPN and the media as a collective put out there. It shows how lazy and dumb the general public is. If the media types would have done some research rather than piggybacking off of each other this situation would be much different. But there are a lot of clueless a**holes out there.

  • I stopped reading at "There was a cover up". This coming from someone who has formed an opinion based solely on what the Lame Steam Media has reported and what was in the Freeh Report summary without any knowledge of actual facts. Obviously not worthy of my time to finish reading.

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