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HOT: Joel Myers email

  • I just got this. WOW!

    "This is in response to the many emails I have received over the last couple of months. I am taking the liberty of also sending it to those who have corresponded with me previously.

    Under the guise of helping children, Jerry Sandusky victimized them. Those victims continue to suffer to this day. Some were victimized on our campus, and we grieve and take as much responsibility for that as is humanly possible.
    By shining the light on what happened and becoming a leader against child sexual abuse, Penn State is working to save tens of thousands of potential future victims nationwide from a similar fate, as well as help those who have suffered here. Education and awareness is the key to reducing sexual abuse, which is a plague upon this nation. Education is what we are all about. One in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused. Sexual abuse is not a rarity. It is all too common in this society. We are learning the extent it has happened not only at Penn State but at other colleges, universities and institutions of all kinds.

    Jerry Sandusky is convicted as a sick and monstrous man and the courts will judge others alleged to have enabled him to continue, and that is fair and appropriate.

    But two wrongs do not make a right. And as I have been saying from the hour that the NCAA sanctions were forced upon Rod Erickson, under threat, they were neither just nor appropriate. In its rush to judgment the NCAA took unprecedented actions against Penn State based solely on its incorrect interpretation of the Freeh Report and without any due diligence or due process and in clear violation of its own rules. By doing so, the NCAA wronged hundreds of thousands of innocents through the sanctions it imposed upon Penn State and did untold damage to our institution.

    When the Board first found out about the Sandusky situation it took immediate action, and hired Freeh as Special Investigative Counsel (SIC) to provide an independent report so that we could take corrective actions in governance, structure and administrative procedures where necessary. Freeh had seemed credible based on the positions he held such as FBI Director.

    A report can only be accepted or adopted by the Penn State Board of Trustees through a majority vote, which never occurred in the case of the Freeh Report. Contrary to the belief of many, it is important to make clear that the Freeh Report was never accepted nor was it adopted by the Board under the Charter of the University.

    Freeh’s report and his speech in front of a nationwide audience at the time he released his report were presented like an indictment, drawing what Freeh characterized as “reasonable” conclusions. Unfortunately Freeh, under the light of the television camera, made harmful statements that went beyond what was in his actual, written report. And now, the recently released independent Thornburgh, Clemente and Berlin Reports each suggest there are flaws in both the facts and the conclusions of the Freeh Report.

    As I have previously stated on many occasions, I strongly hold that the NCAA should never have implemented sanctions against Penn State based on the Freeh report for many reasons and the report was not commissioned for this purpose. The criticisms presented by respected reviewers about the facts and conclusions of the Freeh Report would seem to add additional credence to my previous concerns.

    Freeh and certainly the NCAA misunderstood what was talked about as a “culture of reverence” around the football program. To most Penn Staters this does not mean that football was out of control, or as Ed Ray said a “football first” culture. I believe the term “reverence” meant there has been respect among the Penn State nation, including the faculty, staff, Administration, students, and alumni, because Penn State has always stood for the highest levels of integrity of academics, including real grades, real courses, real class attendance, real performance in the class room and very high graduation rates by our student athletes from a prestigious and demanding university. I experienced that personally as a faculty member over 17 years and other faculty members at Penn State will attest to a similar experience. That type of reverence should be supported by the NCAA and all who value the contributions to society of institutions of higher learning.

    Regarding the Freeh report, although some of the facts and conclusions appear to have been wrong, that does not mean his recommendations are wrong. It is the Board’s duty to consider all serious recommendations to improve Penn State and to implement reforms and take any other appropriate actions that are in the best interest of the University – those recommendations provided by Freeh, as well as the suggestions from the Auditor General, Faculty Senate and any others whose suggestions that the Board believes will lead to better governance and administration I believe will be adopted.

    George Mitchell (former Senate Majority Leader, one of the most highly respected people in the United States, who has served as a special envoy for Presidents of the United States for Northern Ireland and Middle East peace, and negotiated for Major League baseball, and who is universally respected for his credibility and judgment) was appointed the independent Athletics Integrity Monitor pursuant to Penn State’s Consent Decree with the NCAA. In his first quarterly report in November, he stated “Penn State’s Board of Trustees and its administration appear determined to implement, swiftly and in good faith, the recommendations for reform that were identified in the Freeh Report … dedicated substantial time and resources to accomplishing these objectives.”

    Senator Mitchell also appeared personally before the Board in January and expanded on his report, took questions from Board members, including me, praised Penn State’s work in implementing recommendations, and sent a positive message of cooperation and progress – this from one of the most respected and esteemed individuals in the nation.

    We can not change the past, but we can do all the right things going forward. Penn State has become a world leader in the fight to prevent child abuse, including establishing many new policies, procedures and positions, and training and educating more than 10,000 people in various aspects of child abuse. If there is any good from this tragedy, it is the spotlight that has been shined upon this epidemic of child abuse and the efforts to stop it.

    What Penn State has accomplished in moving quickly to make positive changes goes far above and beyond what many could have imagined. This establishes Penn State as a clear leader in ethical and moral standards in intercollegiate athletics.

    I call on the NCAA and the news media to recognize this – to acknowledge that whatever happened in the past we dealt with quickly and out in the open and that Penn State, as an institution, is moving vigorously to do the right thing.

    In fact, by issuing the sanctions, the NCAA took the exact wrong action, not only violating their own rules and procedures, but additionally forcing Penn State’s President to violate the very principles of the Freeh report’s recommendations by accepting the sanctions without briefing, consultation or approval from the Board. Whether intentional or not, these actions and the ensuing damage to Penn State has cost the university hundreds of millions of dollars.

    I again and vigorously call upon the NCAA to immediately remove the harmful and counterproductive sanctions. One, they were based on an inaccurate interpretation of the Freeh findings. Two, they were in clear violation of the NCAA’s own rules. Three, they have wronged thousands of innocents. Four, they have damaged the University. Five, they have sent the exact opposite and wrong message to people and institutions throughout the nation: that swift and decisive action to address and cure a bad situation is to be condemned, not rewarded.

    The NCAA was wrong and it is time for them to admit it and do the right thing themselves."

  • CHA-CHING! That is awesome!

  • Stone me if you want, but he almost sounds like he is making excuses for the BOT and trying to persuade me that they were not part of anything that has been criticized. He even goes above and beyond to defend Rod which baffles me.

    I think its pretty obvious to everyone that the NCAA overstepped it boundaries Joel..the real question is why did we allow them to do so without putting up a fight or defending our institution THEN..not now....months after everyone and their mother took shots at our school, our football team, our past coaches, our administrators via any possible media outlet they could find.

    I didnt take you for the guy who huddled in his bunker while gunfire filled the air...only to pop your head out once it stopped to carry the flag........then are a Penn State BOT

  • Great letter, very strong closing.
    I may get hammered for this but I sometimes wonder if the sadsacks on the bot are smarter than we give them credit for. By not voting and approving the consent decree, they may have given themselves an 'out'. Now they just have to grow the sack to use the 'out' so the ncaa can't always say that the university is on board with these ridiculous sanctions. Getting rid of erickson and throwing him under the bus would be a great start.

  • That is awesome. Another one on the right side. We need more!!!!

  • I love the hypocrisy of Emmert forcing Erickson to make a call on the consent decree while limiting his ability to seek advice or a full vote from the board. That is EXACTLY the kind of action that got PSU in hot water. The NCAA claims our power structure was out of wack and then forces the president to make MAJOR decisions without consultation??? come on now.

  • This should seriously help Corbett's case. It's in public record now, so Corbett's attorneys can cite it gratuitously.

  • I believe there are several "lower tier" board members who feel the same way Joel Myers' feels. The problem is and always has been at the top. (Peetz, Surma, Frazier, Masser, Eckel)

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  • It certainly can't hurt. Coming out and saying Rodney was forced to sign the decree and that the BOT didn't approve it, which had to happen to make it binding, is good to see. We all assumed that to be the case but it's nice to get that out in the public.

  • Masser should resign and go back to growing potatoes.

    Meyers had always been critical of the Freeh report and NCAA. Same with the newbies last summer.

    We need more bot members to come out. The top can't win if there is enough dissent.

    I also believe these lower level bot members are responsible for never voting on the free report and consent decree. I believe Peetz wanted to but they blocked it.

  • Time for my personal hero, Mr. Frazier to jump aboard.grumble

  • NevadaNittany

    I am failing to realize how this email is worth a lick. Its one person giving his opinion. Good for him. His email is nothing new, nothing that we all havent heard before.

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    BacardiBuckeye: "But in all honesty I like Penn State, I want to see Penn State do good that's why I check this board everyday." 4/2/14

  • More members of the BOT speaking out...the better.

    "One man didn't build this program and one man sure as hell cannot tear it down."

  • Rod is a good person. He's an academic and in no way, shape or form a strong leader and absolutely not anything even resembling the type of leader this situation called for. He's a push over more or less and truly was trying to do the right thing based on the advice of their outside PR folks.

    We all like to sit behind our key boards and pretend that we would have dared Emmert to implement a 4 year death penalty, but that's not reality. The truth is that the Rod was presented with the option to sign the consent degree or face the end of Penn State football as we know it. Let's not forget that PSU retained NCAA expert Gene Marsh to help in the negotiations as well.

    "Marsh was told “the majority of the [NCAA’s] board of directors were still favoring the death penalty,” a shutdown of Penn State football for a season or more.

    “In my opinion, I thought on Thursday night that there was a real chance that Penn State might not be playing football in 2012 and possibly well beyond,” Marsh said Friday. "

    Expecting a guy like Erickson to tell Emmert to shove it when their NCAA counsel is telling them that the NCAA likely can and will shut it down if they don't sign is kind of crazy. Meyers is on our side here as is Lubrano. Even Anthony has backed Rod's decision considering the circumstances.

    Believe me, I get it. My skin crawled watching Rod apologize over and over and just take the hits without ever standing up for Penn State. I also understand that he was put in a position he had no business being in. He knew this and enlisted the help of "experts". Gene Marsh was the highly decorated NCAA expert and advised him to sign. The PR folks are the ones that handled the BP spill and advised him to just accept blame and move forward as quickly as possible.

    He's an easy guy to hate because he was the face behind the questionable actions of those advising him, but I don't think a lot of people have been fair to him.

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  • NevadaNittany

    How? Lubrano has been speaking out forever. This also isnt the first time Meyers has said something. What good has it done? I am not trying to be combative, but I think I am being realistic here. This email isnt worth a damn.

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    BacardiBuckeye: "But in all honesty I like Penn State, I want to see Penn State do good that's why I check this board everyday." 4/2/14

  • So it's better if they don't speak up? I really need to explain how? I guess we can just hold our breaths and wish for change, maybe that is the better option.

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    "One man didn't build this program and one man sure as hell cannot tear it down."

  • NevadaNittany

    Cite this email? Why? Corbett has already stated the EXACT same thing in his court filing back in January.

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    BacardiBuckeye: "But in all honesty I like Penn State, I want to see Penn State do good that's why I check this board everyday." 4/2/14

  • NevadaNittany

    Its the same either way. Is it better if they dont speak up, no. Does it matter one way or the other if they do speak up, nope.

    You dont need to hold your breath and wait for change. But the best chance (probably only chance) for change is the PA court case.

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    BacardiBuckeye: "But in all honesty I like Penn State, I want to see Penn State do good that's why I check this board everyday." 4/2/14

  • Interesting that this came out the say that the nominees for the BOT came out. Seems like it was someone who is trying to cover his ass.

    Dominate The State

  • don't forget that part of the argument from the NCAA and even one of their specific arguments in response to the lawsuit is that the BOT voted on and accepted the Freeh report. We know that is a glaring factual error, but I have to imagine having it laid out by a BOT member only helps.

  • Ahhh....another prophet. I didn't realize bad.

    "One man didn't build this program and one man sure as hell cannot tear it down."

  • I understand what you are saying, but I dont believe Joel had any idea of what was really happening with the NCAA as Rod allegedly was told not to discuss it with too many people (I believe only the BOT executive committee or some ish like that) for fear that if it was leaked Emmert said theyd get the DP.

    As far the rest of the mess, like why hasnt the board stepped up after the sanctions did actually come down and everyone was in the know , yes, I completely agree.

    "Whoever’s trying to kill me isn’t getting the job done. But one day, I’m going to punch that f___r in the face." -Mike Mauti

  • I'm not sure if you are referring to Meyers, but I don't believe he's up for re-election until next year. The other important thing wrt to Meyer is that he was first elected as member in 1981. He's not Lubrano, Taliaferro, or McCombie that was elected on the platform of fighting all this from the start.

  • NevadaNittany

    Corbett laid that out in his appeal rebuttal a couple days ago.

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    BacardiBuckeye: "But in all honesty I like Penn State, I want to see Penn State do good that's why I check this board everyday." 4/2/14

  • yes. I'm just saying that having it direct from one of the board members can only help. I know you don't think it will help, but myself and others disagree. nothing wrong with that.