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Black shoes, basic blues. No names, all game

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Graham Woodward, Julian Moore nominated...

  • for the McDonalds All American game. Roughly 500 guys were nominated, still a cool distinction for the two.

    Woodward is one of two nominated from Minnesota, Moore is one of 20 nominated from Pennsylvania.

    Unknown Titlke

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  • MZizzle2

    No chance of making the game, but still good stuff. Surprised Geno wasn't nominated.

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  • 20 kids from PA.... wow. Chambers just needs one good season and he should be able to tap into that talent on a more regular basis. That's not to say he's not doing a good job now, especially compared to previous coaches, but really, one season with a winning record and a trip to the dance could really catapult this program at this stage. Everything else is in place but the wins, which wasn't always the case.

  • POV

    Unfortunately, I think this season combined with last season is really going to slow recruiting. It is easy to sell your first year on the job and say we are building something, but at some point kids (and fans) need to see wins. This is two really horrible years in a row. He needs results next year bad.

    Woodward would probably start this year as a high school senior, but will probably barely play next year. Funny how that works out.

  • I agree and IMO, next year is VITAL to the future of the program. We still lack a good inside presence, but the team should be in decent shape otherwise. I was a little disappointed in Newbill after the hype (when Fraier was in the lineup), but he's really starting to come into his own. A full year of running the point should only help his game as a pure SG. Talyor is really impressing me and is a legit BT caliber player IMO. Add marshall to the mix returning talent and Frazier, Newbill, Marshall, and Talyor give us a fighting chance.

    The 5 spot is going to kill us though unless someone steps up. It's scary that Sasa is leading the pack right now and he's not coming back next year anyway. I'm not sure if it's permanent, but Ackerman seems like he was ahead of Graham last night in the line up.... Graham looks to have gone from promising young starter to 3rd team at a position completely void of developed talent. Talk about a golden opportunity for Moore to step in right away.....

    The bottom line is that Chambers can't really afford a 3rd straight disastrous season next year. Getting Tim (and another real PG.....) back is going to be huge. I'm not sure I've seen a team completely lack a pure point guard one year and then fill the hole the following year with a all-conference level point guard. The only question is if it will be huge enough to make a tourney run in this conference.

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  • MZizzle2

    Give Chambers some time guys. Next year you will see a better team and a team that will be able to compete against most teams. He is coaching a team this year where every time they step onto the court they are not as talented as their opponent and by a good margin most nights. Next year most of the team will be Big 10 caliber, but young so I don't expect us to be real good, but we'll have a good nucleus with Frazier, Newbill, Marshall and Taylor. Hopefully Geno Thorpe can be a good player for us from day one as well.

    I do agree that we need to start winning though to attract better recruits and really allow Chambers to build this program, but don't rush to judgement based on these past two years. Chambers is he guy for the job and if he can't turn us around, I don't know if anyone really can.

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  • POV

    It is incredibly naive to think Chambers is the only guy on the planet who can make us competitive. Chambers had only two years head coaching experience before PSU and what we have seen here is not overly confidence inducing. A year and half in and we have been blown out in every single B1G road game. Nebraska, littered with mediocre players, just went into East Lansing and gave the Spartans all they can handle under their new coach. Also mildly concerning is what is going on at Villanova. Opposing coaches have adjusted to their offensive system and they are trending downward under Jay Wright, Chambers' immediate mentor.

    I was all aboard the Chambers express last season and haven't bailed, but I am not afraid to question what is going on. I saw people defend DeChellis four years into the job and still blaming Jerry Dunn. Last year was totally on DeChellis. This year is 80% on DeChellis, imo. The fact we had no backup plan to Frazier suggests to me Chambers did not have a good feel for his players still after last year. Another PG was needed to be brought in late after Lewis left. That is on PC. We had no chance after Frazier went down.

    I love Chambers' energy and I honestly do think he will turn it around next year, but if I don't see at least 6 B1G wins in 2013-2014. I will have my doubts about his long-term viability. It shouldn't be sacrosanct to criticize the man. So far he has gotten a 100% free pass from everybody. He will not get that from me. The teams performance against NW was inexcusable, for example

    I want to see improvement from players. Graham is awful and has regressed. Chambers has rode Colella for far too long. I don't believe Akosa ever pans out - a guy Chambers rushed to give a scholarship offer to once he got the job. We don't have Izzo running the show here. Doubts should be allowed.

    I am excited about next years class and like its composition. We will see how it all works out in due order.

  • Unless you're coach Cal or at a traditional powerhouse bball school, it's going to take three to four years before you start seeing dividends.

    PGs transferred and all we had was Frazier. I'm glad chambers wasn't afraid to get rid of guys with terrible attitudes in order to instill his values and identity into the team. I believe the crap we go through now, and even struggles next year will pave the way for a bright future for PSU bball. Everything will be fine as long as Joyner stays out of his way.