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Coming in Peace

  • I made some rather insensitive remarks yesterday about the freeh report and I wanted to stop out and apologize, I accused you guys of only caring about football and being insensitive to victims, but anyone trolling Penn St. and its fans are no different than what they accuse you guys of. This is an issue and situation that goes way above the football program, and will and should be handled in a legal matter. At the end of the day, football is but a little facet in the life of man. My condolances are with the victims, and I wish the best for Penn State as a whole. I'm sure you guys will move past this in time, but never forget what you went through. It will only make you stronger.

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  • We appreciate your stepping up to the plate with this post, speaks to your good character. Thank you.

  • I appreciate your apology and the wise perspective that you shared. Obviously, some things got horribly out of whack at Penn State.

    As for the future, here's my thought. If a major airline had an accident today, that would be the airline that I would fly one week later. Most people would avoid that airline, but I would choose it because I would be confident that everything was being checked and double-checked after a tragedy. Complacency is a big enemy for any company or institution. Penn State had become complacent in some areas, resting on the laurels of our graduation rate for athletes, etc. We are no longer complacent, right? For at least the next 10 years, Penn State should have the cleanest and best-administered athletic program in the nation. "Success with Honor."

  • Thanks for accepting the apology guys, and best of luck!

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  • I dont want to hijack this thread, and this is not directed at one person in particular, but rather a message to all visiting fans to this site:

    Don't be two faced.

    We already saw an incident yesterday where an opposing fan, under the guise of sympathy and compassion, came here and posted not long after totally shredding us on thei own board. So my message for oppsing fans is to man up. If you want to come over here and get into civilized discussion, join us in greiving for the victims, rip the media or NCAA, and wish us luck, then fine. We welcome all visitors.

    If you are just going to go back and then call us delusional Ped State fans only care about football, a cult of rape enablers, etc etc, then dont even bother starting a civilized discussion in the first place. A quick peek at recent posts will certainly expose the frauds from the trools

    anyway, sorry for that rant. We have seen some great posters from Bama, OSU, and others that actually have been good, civil posters. You are welcoms back anytime.

  • I have no problem with someone coming over here to rip PSU. However if they're going to do so, they need to first state where they're from and what their allegiance is to that school/program. It's so easy to be self-righteous sitting behind a keyboard on a desk. Man up or else whatever you have to say is worthless.

    There's an old saying....what goes around comes around. People here are learning it the hard way. Others elsewhere will also learn it the hard way. Sooner or later, everyone gets hit. It's just a question of where and when.

  • agree. If they want to engane in intelligent debate I welcome that. Come with facts. I dont want people posting here justt o kiss our asses.

    But dont come over here and say things like "hey buck up guys. I hope you pull through, you're a great program and will rise, etc "Then go to another board and post things like "Delusional Ped State Cult worshippers.'

    Thats all I ask...dont be 2 faced.

    Again - sorry to hijack a well-wising thread.

  • No problem man, and you make great points, unfortunately its just the way things are in this age of technology, anyone can hide behind a computer and be anyone they want, and unfortunately too many people want to be ass holes. But what goes around comes around, at some time or another a major event/contraversy will strike nearly every university and the same thing will happen, sad but true.

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  • Thanks DZforTHREE. We all really do appreciate your candor and the well-wishes.
    The thing that gets us Penn Staters the most riled is the accusation that we are all kool-aid drinkers and football idolators. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Yes, this message board is dictated for football discussions. Yes, we are concerned about a program we love and enjoy, and our discussions here reflect THOSE issues...

    But I GUARANTEE you every single one of the PSU members on this board is utterly devastated by what happened to the victims first and foremost. It is unconscionable, depraved, and makes us all sick to our hearts. WE understand that football is nothing compared to the life of a child. WE are all GLAD that it was a vastly majority Pro-PSU jury that put that monster Jerry away as well. As it should have been. And WE pray and hope that our beloved university does everything in its' power to NOT ONLY help the victims of the heinous crimes committed but to become leaders nationally in the awareness, prevention and training of methods to identify and stop child predators. And if there is one institution in this country that can do it, you'd better believe that Penn State will lead the way. If you're a gambling man, I'd put a lot of money on it.

    The outsider perception of us is ill-informed... Consider the following:

    Yes, we are all PRIDEFUL. Prideful of the outstanding education we received at a world-class institution, Prideful of the idea, "Success with Honor", because it does NOT only apply to the football program... but it is an idea that applies to every facet of life. Yes the football program helped to build our university into what it is today and we acknowledge that, but it can not and most certainly does NOT define it.

    Mathematically, let me put it to you this way... Currently, the football program, in it's entirety, has a yearly fiscal budget of roughly $50 million dollars (And that is being very generous with that number). That is all expenses and all revenue. And out of those monies, a very large portion of it is used to pay for many of the other athletic programs at this university.
    Our university, in its' entirety, has an operational and R&D yearly fiscal budget of close to $4 BILLION dollars. So tell me, if you were a business owner, would you allow one facet of your organization that comprises only %1.5 of your entire budget to effectively run the university on it's own?
    NO, you would not...
    But our former leaders did. They betrayed us, ALL of us. And despite everything good that our university stands for, they did, and it allowed a monster to continue unabated with his criminal activity.

    WE accept those facts that are currently presented to our community from both the criminal trial and the independent Freeh Report investigation.
    WE want to allow due process to take its' course, to find out ALL the facts before condemning everything we love. And once all information is given to us, we will make consistent, educated decisions.
    WE will do everything within our power to restore our own faith first and the rest of this countries' faith into that idea, "Success with Honor", and we will never again allow our leadership to take advantage of us.
    WE have already started the process by electing new, younger Board of Trustee members that stand with us in the fight for accountability and transparency back in March. And when new BoT elections come up, we will ensure that those in power will answer to US by using our voice to effect the changes required to make our university a beacon of Integrity, Progress and Success with Honor again.

    WE ARE... The Real PENN STATE.

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  • What has bothered me the most has been fight to protect Paterno's legacy.

    From the student reaction after he was fired, to the efforts today to keep his statute standing

    Throughout this process, I can understand that y'all would want to hold out hope that Paterno wasn't complicit

    But when I heard the "We Are .. Penn State" chants back then, and when I hear them now, it comes across as just more misplaced righteous indignation / refusal to admit wrongs.

    I know that is not what it means to you guys. At all. I realize that it is a very important cultural touchstone for your community. With completely different (and very positive) meanings.

    Im just saying that when I hear it bothers me on a gut level.

    Thats my honest, non-trolling, perspective.

  • We all have our low points, most of us are still coming to grips with this and what it means. We hope to come out stronger, some will, but we are also hoping for strong leadership from a group that has not done so in the past, our BOT and President. Yes, we share the loss, sorry, anger, frustrations and sadness for the victims and hope to find a was to help them recover if that is possible.

  • What efforts are there to keep the statue? Really, I haven't heard any actual talk about it either way other than standard message board stuff.

    What bothers me is when people make things up (see above for a prime example) and try to make broad generalizations about a large and diverse community. That says a lot more about your issues than it does any of the thousands if PSU students, faculty, and alums who had as little to do with Sandusky as you. Just an honest assessment.

  • Re "efforts" I wasn't referring to any organized movement, just that clearly thats a flashpoint right now, with lots of people wanting the statute down, and vice versa. This has been reported via many media outlets, here is the latest one i've read

    As to your second comment - "making things up ... to make broad generalizations" That's not at all what I was doing. At all. I didn't make anything up. And I didn't make any generalizations. Prior to all of this, I've always liked Penn State. And I've always liked Joe Paterno. And its comments like yours that have that edge of victimhood which to me is inappropriately off base.

  • Just being politely curious...what does the WE Are Penn State chants have to do with anything?

  • as an outsider, it seems off for penn staters to be constantly doing their victory chant throughout all of this

    along with the many months of continued defense of joepa, it just rubs me the wrong way

    i dont hate penn state, i've always liked the program. but when the kids rioted it really, really (permanently?) made me think negatively of the institution

    i know penn state (and paterno) have done many good things; but now when i hear that chant, especially in the context of defending the football program/institution, its very bothersome

    i know it doesn't matter whether i like it or not, its yalls thing, and I'm sure i don't fully understand its meaning to penn staters

  • I never thought of it as a victory chant. Was always more about solidarity than victory, even before this crap happened.

  • The We Are chant was a response to the racial prejudice of SMU and their not wanting us to play black players during the civil rights era. Our players said, we are Penn State, if they don't play, none of us play. Powerful story actually. It's about solidarity- as Bills said. Link below. Now you know a little bit more about us. As a black PSU fan, I am certainly proud of this story.

    The History of “We Are… Penn State” - Onward

    Our ubiquitous Penn State cheer is rooted in the struggle for civil rights... how cool is that? The Centre Daily Times ran a really interesting story on
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    WE ARE! And we will always be...