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Chek out this pic from TOS (Audibles). Not fun viewing.

  • We have larger battles to fight with recruits than the playbook or this season's results for that matter. No game or season is a 'throwaway', but if you're expecting or desiring a relatively competitive team to show up, you may want to wait for 5-7 years to get upset...perhaps longer. I think, for many, the reality of the situation is just starting to sink in. In a world with no sanctions, we'd still be a 7-8 win team this season facing the same growing pains. In a world with no Jerry Sandusky, we'd still be a 7-8 win team this season facing the same growing pains. With no scandal, we were 2-3 years away from truly getting back on track. Now, we're a minimum of 6-7. This season is going to be rough. Next year is going to be rougher. And then the restrictions actually start. Execution should slowly improve as these guys get implemented to BOB's system, but how many legit kids will there be to work with on the roster?

    It is what it is, but hyper-analyzing PSU football has become pointless to me. I'll try to enjoy the games for what they are. But for sanity sake, I'll take it all with a grain of salt. Living and dying on every play/game isn't worthwhile. We're fighting to crawl out of the stone ages with one arm and one leg tied behind our backs.

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  • I actually think next season will be a bit better. We'll have a lot of players with more experience - Donovan Smith, Allen Robinson, Kyle Carter, Glenn Carson, DaQuan Jones, Deion Barnes, CJ Olaniyan, and several of the DB's. Granted, we will be replacing some key positions (McGloin, Stank, Mauti/Hodges), but many of these players will have a year in the system plus the S&C program. Our OOC also schedule won't be as "difficult." ("dangerous" might be a better word there).

    Have to see how we finish this year, but I could see 1-2 more wins in 2013 than 2012. JMO.

  • well, psubills62, the question is, will they all stay?

    They can leave penalty free until next preseason camp.

  • Pre-snap...all about pre-snap. As wide open as he is and as quickly as the ball is delivered...there was no way anyone was covering him the entire play. He should have seen that, IMO.

  • Not bills but IMO unless BOB loses control of the team, I don't think any kid looking at significant playing time next year leaves.

    “We need to keep this (expletive) together,” Mauti and Zordich to Hill

  • JMO, but the majority of those who will leave are already gone. Might see a couple defections, but remember that these guys are seeing a lot of positives for themselves - great S&C program, coaches with strong connections to the NFL, a pro-style offense.

    Seems to me that the main reason to leave after this season is being unhappy with position on the depth chart. Obviously our significant contributors won't have any issues with that.

    We'll see.

  • Agree, that is what has me concerned, those kids that play well could be courted by other coaches.

  • Disclaimer: not trying to defend mcgloin, just trying to put myself in his shoes here

    well, that all sounds good sitting here looking at a picture. BUT....mac has an end coming from his left untouched, so setting his feet and hitting robinson is not as clear cut as you make it sound. I mean, look at that picture and tell me exactly how you would be able to get off a throw to the left when you have a DE coming untouched right at he steps right....kersey may have a run on his man, but again, the picture is taken after the ball is released and there is a safety sitting in the middle(who appears to have hit the "oh shit" button when he saw robinson wide open) who could have broken toward kersey if thats where mac goes, so he isnt as "open" as you think not having the ability to go left he checks down and takes the safe bet to kenney who also has a beat on his defender and is in a position on the field where mac can actually make the throw. So basically mac has the option of stopping, setting his feet and threading one to kersey before the safety gets there or taking the conservative safe bet throw to kenney...i look at this as a good read

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  • Exactly. Progression is set on plays as well. It isn't just seeing everyone on the entire field from 50 yards or more away(fan views).

    I put MM toward the bottom of a 'reasons we lost' list. Think our progressions were short to long nearly all plays, in general. Hitch, then the in route, or out route just over the hitch for the majority of plays. I think only a handful maybe had the immediate intention of stretching the field. JMO but one that had me frustrated 2nd half.

    Also many plays with deep guys showed the deep guys having little interest in the play(not this one as AR was waving, but most others). Meaning decoy type routes designed to give less clutter to the main, and shorter Distance objective. I think we were trying overly hard to maintain control of down and distance, maybe a bit too much for the college level and college level QB accuracy.

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    Suck It Emmert!! and "Sorry for not being sorry for being a Penn Stater" - Philafan

  • I understand how it looks with this one picture - but if you head over to Scout and look at it frame by frame A-Rob was open long before this and McGloin probably should have seen it.

    I do agree with those who are saying it's hard to fault McGloin on this play considering new playbook, it went for a first down, and he will improve as the season goes on. All of that is true, and I do not blame McGloin for the loss. BUT - if you do go look at the Scout frame by frame it's clear he missed this play. Obvious as day, and its a TD if he recognizes it.

  • I'm not suggesting MM is WHY we lost. I do think if he played better, we do win.

    But on that play, without seeing it frame by appears that he was open the entire time...meaning before even snapping the ball. Progressions are one thing, they happen after the snap. But to me, a 5th year senior should be able to see the field before the snap and notice if he has a mismatch to exploit, even if it goes against his progressions he should be making on that play.

    Heck, that is OB's offense to a T. "Matchup style offense to find the mismatch." That play LOOKS like it is exactly that before the snap even occurs. Seeing a hole in the D and taking advantage of it.

  • ok.. I got to share my two cents. This offense is design to create a mismatch/mistake. They play a "game" with two or three receivers to create a hole or an open receiver. In this case the game was to sit a TE across the middle run Kersey deep to pull the CB and use Kenney/Welker's speed to drag across the middle underneath the TE picking off who is covering him.

    AT PRE SNAP McGloin's attention is to determine who out of the 3 will be open based upon the defense that is in front of him. Man or Zone or a combo. Belton is a decoy and Robinson was a decoy. They are not primary receivers and will not be looked at. The only way they get the ball is if the others are covered and/or fall. Even then I would think McGloin would not turn full body rotation back to a designed decoy and look for them.

    If you want another example, take a look at the 4th down play on the first drive. Kersey catches it for the a minimal gain after the TE pulls the corner off him by running free to the left flat. They created a mismatch and the CB had to decide who to cover and he left Kersey open for the first. If you watch that play Belton runs a wheel route to the left and runs right pass the Safety. He is 7 yards open when the ball is thrown. Never intended to be anything more than a decoy.

    I don't think McGloin has all 5 options to throw to like everybody thinks. I also think that Mark got this on film and is making a big deal out of it over at FOS..

  • I did, also watched the tape, frame three is really the only window(because of DE in frame 4) he has to go to robinson with a set throw, problem is, in that frame he is still coming set from his three step drop and isnt ready to release yet, by frame four he is set but the DE is coming hard and stepping into that throw is most likely not achievable. I agree, robinson was open and maybe a throw could have been hurried into that window, but its hardly the glaring "misread" or "poor vision" people are saying it is. Thats my only point.

  • The funny thing to me is I guess people stuck on PSU football are not used to seeing this many open WR's. I'm in NOLA and I see Brees throw balls into WR's underneath with others open behind them. I also see him go up top when open WR's are right there underneath but you see him looking downfield because he had the one on one matchup he desired. College QB's are not making 3-4 reads on every play and MM is going from multiplication/division to calculus right now in terms of the passing offense.

    I'm pretty sure there is usually a hand signal in place for WR's with no hat over them. If there wasn't, there will be after they review the film this week. I agree anyone making a big deal over this really missed what was occuring out there. The staff will point out he needs to scan the entire field, but sometimes little things like the playclock and formation getting set hinder a QB's ability to see all. Would most PRO QB's pick that up....probably, but a few still miss gimme's every now and then. The biggest problem on that drive was Belton laying the ball down and it's not even close. Had the kick returner went 95 yards for a TD, MM doesn't miss this play...about the same logic IMO. Sorry FOS, you're didn't discover gold on this play.

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    "One man didn't build this program and one man sure as hell cannot tear it down."

  • Here is the only problem as I see it, having rewatched the telecast. Although ESPN screwed up the play clock (it showed time running out on the scoreboard graphic at the bottom of the screen then showed another clock with more time on the down and yardage graphic on the field), McGloin had time to scan the defense. After Kenney went into motion and set up next to Robinson with only one CB in front of both of them and a safety about 10 yards off the line, McGloin never looked that way, not once.

    “We need to keep this (expletive) together,” Mauti and Zordich to Hill

  • This was third down, correct? If so, I have next to no problem. We'll miss these, every QB does. It sucks. But on third down his goal is to get a 1st. He went through his progressions saw his top threat open at the sticks and hit it. 1st down. I want the TD and it sucks, but if he's finally starting to follow coaching I can't bitch too much, can I?

    Ugh, defended McGloin somewhat. Gross.

  • Indeed. Yeah, it stinks that McGloin missed an almost certain TD. But people are arguing the difference between a TD and a first down. A play that got us a first down is not what lost us the game.

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  • You posted another excellent point. Does PSU always have a hat over a head at the LOS or are safties and LB's sometimes 10 yards off the WR/TE depending on the coverage? Does that mean they always go uncovered because a hat is not on them at the LOS? Does that initial lineup prevent a LB from sliding over? Did the QB anticpate that based on the motion? Does he think the CB sticks with AR pre snap and thinks AK will be isolated on the crossing pattern? Did anyone else shift to the left side to make him think twice about what he had saw initially?

    To me the drive killer was the fumble. WR's running free on the opposite side of the field does occur from time to time and it is not always picked up on. You hope they point it out to him, but I don't see them harping on this one play as much as the fans are. He executed the play as designed and moved the sticks. A coach isn't going to have his hide for that, but there was plenty more for him to he'll still get some hide chewed.

    "One man didn't build this program and one man sure as hell cannot tear it down."

  • I do agree with you here, and if Belton doesn't fumble and we go on to score this isn't an issue at all.

    There are a lot of positives on this play - multiple guys open, MM making a nice throw, Kenney getting the first down on 3rd. There are a lot of positives to look at here, and considering its a new playbook it makes it a tough play to see A-Rob. It's just tough considering IF he does see A-Rob, that's a TD and it goes a long way in winning the game.

    Again, not blaming MM for the loss. There are a lot of positives here. (even though we lost)

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  • appears the offense on that play created a mismatch/mistake....with a wide open guy for an easy TD. We just missed it.

    We can sugarcoat it all day and say he wasn't his primary or wasn't an option at all. But the fact remains that very soon after the snap, he was wide open and nobody was near him. Odds are that was the case pre-snap as well. I think an experienced QB should at least see that pre-snap and have that in his mind to take a quick glance at snap. Even if it's not his primary or 4th on his progressions. If it's a glaring potential mistake by the D, take a look.

  • Guys, looking at the picture and the play, it is clear that the DE is intentionally unblocked. Look at the left tackle's feet and shoulders. The play is never intended to go to the left. Coverages are coverages and are disguised on every play. Yeah, Robinson is wide open, but that end is big and coming fast. Chances are, if McGloin turned and reset his feet that ball gets batted and he gets lit up. Especially cosidering the motion receiver was his first read. Remember, this all happened in approximately 3-4 seconds.

  • Could you imagine if he would have turned and chucked it way across field on a slide pro right? With his candy ass arm and a bit of bad luck that's an awful pick and no 1st down for us and people saying he has to stay within himself.

  • You're right. That safety is lurking there a little. When this picture was snapped, the FS started over that way. Looks like cover 3 here and it looks like the guythat made the mistake and is lost is #45 in the middle of the shot. Either way, looks like the D was hella confused. Better, and more reasonable would be the throw to Kersey. FS cheating to his right, corner beat. That's the throw to make if anything other than Kenney. But on 3rd down, like you said, get the 1st and live to fight.

    Even with a live arm, thats a long throw with a guy in your grill.