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  • 90% of espn is ridiculing the NCAA right now and implying how out of control the NCAA is. Maybe most of you are picking and choosing what you want to hear because you want to keep hating them, but that's what I've seen and heard for the last three weeks. I've been home on bedrest after surgery, trust me, I can't watch anymore tv, but no one on espn is advocating the NCAA.

    If anything, the NCAA has been receiving negative publicity since the Miami news broke. Every broadcaster on every game, show, broadcast is commenting on the issue.

    Wouldn't be surprised if conferences jumped in and started acting against the NCAAs authority

  • A couple of things here:

    1) The person who you are responding to was talking about Mike Greenberg not Jay Bilas.
    2) Jerry Sandusky is ultimately the villian here, no doubt
    3) What does his wife have to do with it? She either was in denial or groomed by Jerry too
    4) We attach everyone else because no one at Penn State did anything wrong or at least proven to be wrong.
    5) Spanier? When was the last post you saw Spanier attacked. Rodney Erickson sure.
    6) What guy should be threatened?

    Furthermore, IMHO, with the facts as we know them I believe and have always believed (and confirmed by Jim Clemente's report) it doesn't look like anyone at Penn State acted inappriopriately. Worst case scenario Joe acted very much how I would have acted in the same situation - turn it over to the proper people and trust they take care of it. Spanier, Curley, and Schultz unless something more damning comes out looks like they acted appropriately too. They thought because CYS, DPW, and the legal system told them Jerry has "boundary" issues. The confronted Jerry and reported to the Second Mile but chose not to go to the DPW becuase Jerry cooperated (or convinced them he would cooperate with what they wanted -- no more kids on campus, talk to Second Mile, and seek help for his boundary issues). Certainly there was no "callous disregard for kids" and an "attempt to conceal" or "bad publicity". It looks like they thought they were acting appropriately with the facts at hand. Especially Joe Paterno who had very VERY limited facts.

    The perjury on the other hand could be a real issue. It looks like Curley and Schultz did lie to the GJ, why, I don't know.

    Again maybe there is something I'm missing or more facts need to come out but at this point it doesn't look like PSU actually did anything wrong. So, without proof of any wrong doing, the NCAA, the governor, BOT, and the media crucified Penn State and Joe Paterno. This is why again, IMHO, we attack the governor, NCAA, BOT, and the media.

    Now go and read Jim Clemente's report.

  • Should we have all beat up Sandusky and be in jail with him.

    Sandusky and his crimes are horrible and he is getting what he deserves. I don't think anyone for one second will ever say anything opposite to that. As for Dottie, might want to read Clementes piece on the spouses of peds...she fits the one to a T.

    In the end the people on here are sick because of the initial rush to judgement. Then the rush to look at (not accept) the freeh report, then the rush to sign a consent decree....everything was in a rush so either THEY are hiding something or the are complete morons. Could be both who knows.

    Erickson was simply a coward when he signed that decree, again or a moron. He should have known that the ncaa takes a long freaking time to look at a creep like Nevin Shapiro let alone something this compl,ex. He should have opened up and said c'mon in fellas.