Visit Opens Thorpe's Eyes

Shaler (Pa) Area point guard Geno Thorpe is one of the top players in the Keystone State’s Class of 2013, and the junior prospect traveled to visit Penn State this past weekend.

Thorpe visited Penn State this weekend.

Thorpe arrived on Saturday with his mom, and was thrown right into the fire by playing some pickup ball with the team.

“They actually thought I was an incoming freshman,” laughed Thorpe over the phone. “Tim Frazier is a great person to learn from, and Ross Travis looked good as well. It was great, we played some five-on-five it was very nice.”

After throwing down on the court with the current Nittany Lions squad, Thorpe got a chance to sit down with new headman Pat Chambers and talk about where his future might lie.

“I talked with Coach Chambers a lot about a lot of attitude, trying to change the Penn State basketball program around into a high pop program, and he said I would be a great fit for Penn State,” the 6-foot-3 guard recalled. “The campus is beautiful. It’s huge, basically it is its own city. I got to go on the football field it looks even bigger in person.”

When asked about the state of the program as a whole, Thorpe said he thinks Chambers can do some big things, especially with some time.

“It’s getting there, they’re going to be alright this season, and then next year I really feel Pat Chambers will change this program around.”

How did visiting Penn State affect his view on the school?

“Visiting the campus definitely changed my mindset on Penn State. I came in with the mindset that it was a big football school, but now I see that they are going to be taking basketball very seriously,” said Thorpe.

Thorpe still has visits planned to Kansas State and Wisconsin left this fall that he still wants to take. Admittedly, he doesn’t know when he wants to decide, but he doesn’t want to rush anything.

Right now, Thorpe is just preparing for what he can control - the upcoming 2011-12-basketball season.

“I am putting in work in the weight room, just trying to get as many shots up as I can. I am really working on my pull up jumper, I've got a good jump shot but you can always improve and it isn’t where I want it to be, yet.”

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