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The New Man in the Middle

Penn State's original plan at linebacker has taken a slight detour thanks to the play of sophomore Glenn Carson.

Carson checks in at right around 240 pounds and said that he is 100 percent over the back injury that forced him to greyshirt two years ago. He's now running with the first team at middle linebacker and has been one of the surprises of preseason camp.

"I'm with the ones right now, going with the first team. There's so much depth at linebacker and there's so much talent, obviously nothing is final," Carson said at media day on Tuesday. "Who knows when it will be final, or if it ever will be. I'm just trying to come out and play and get better. I'm watching film and trying to work to be perfect."

He was informed at the start of preseason that he would begin camp as the first teamer. The original plan was to have junior Michael Mauti man the inside, but things changed at the end of the summer.

"I wasn't told until day one, and I wasn't even pulled aside personally," he said. "It was just kind of on the board, on the depth chart, as far as who is going to be going with the ones and twos. It wasn't too much of a surprise for me, I thought that I've showed the coaches through last season and through the spring this year that I'm definitely a division one football player and that I can go out there and play on Saturdays. I think they definitely have confidence in me."

Now flanked by Mauti and Gerald Hodges on the outside and backed up by sophomore Khairi Fortt, Carson said that the talent level is overflowing at linebacker.

"You good things from everyone, you see good things even from the guys you don't hear about much, like Mike Hull and Fortt. Everyone is good, man. There's so much good linebacker play here now and there's so much depth, and it's not a bad thing, it's a great thing."

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