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Sina checks out Penn State

Less than a month after his decommitment from Alabama, Jaren Sina, the No. 49 prospect nationally in the Class of 2013 according to 247Sports, is slowly starting the recruiting process back up.

The Gladstone (N.J.) Gill St. Bernards point took a trip to Penn State on Sunday to check out the campus, but more importantly to take in a practice run by new head man Pat Chambers.

“The visit went well, Coach Chambers is obviously a coach on the rise who has a passion for what he does,” said Jaren’s father and head coach, Mergin Sina. “We knew that going in, but to watch him work the kids out it was a good thing that Jaren really enjoyed, it was good to see them practice.

“There is a lot of fundamental stuff that coach runs with the kids, the style of play looks like it would fit Jaren's strengths. Penn State is definitely a school Jaren is going to continue looking at.”

The No. 13-ranked point guard in the country spoke with Chambers about the Penn State program, and the coach didn’t hold anything back from Sina.

“Coach told Jaren he is a kid that he would take right away if he wants to go there,” said the elder Sina. “Jaren is high on his list. Coach Chambers didn't hide anything, he said right now we are really young, they lost a lot of starters from last year but we are going to work through it and try to build something here.”

The news of an open recruitment has been music to a lot of schools’ ears, with programs from all over the country calling and inquiring about talking to Jaren.

“It has gotten to a point since he de-committed where a lot of schools have jumped in here. He is looking at Michigan, we think he could be a good fit there, and Kansas called as well, so there are a lot of other schools coming in here,” said Sina. “There is a pretty long list right now that he wants to trim down but there is still time for that.”

All of this comes roughly a month before the high school season really kicks off, one that will see Sina’s Gill St. Bernards school play some of the top competition in the country. Heading down to the City of Palms tournament in December, the Knights will be there with national powers Bishop Gorman (Nev.), Trinity (Kent.), in addition to taking on Oak Hill Academy later in the season.

Mergin Sina said that while everyone is anxiously awaiting his son’s top five, Jaren is going to go through the process at his own speed and not make any rash decisions.

“There really is no timetable, we are looking around at a bunch of schools, this isn't something that will be happening anytime soon. Can it happen during the high school season? Yes it can. It all depends on when Jaren feels comfortable.”

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