Q&A: Williams breaks it down

West Roxbury (Mass.) Catholic Memorial athlete Camren Williams was one of the first players offered by Penn State in the Class of 2012, and remains a top priority.

Williams will visit for the spring game.

Lions247.com caught up with Williams at the Badger Sport 7-on-7 last weekend at Rutgers, see what he had to say about his performance and his recruitment.

Lions247.com: You guys just fell as a team, but how did everything fare for you this weekend?

Camren Williams: It went really well, I got to see a lot of scouts, got to see a lot of good competition. In Massachusetts we really don't get to compete against those kind of players, so it was a really good opportunity.

Lions247.com: We talked to Canaan Severin a little earlier about the talent level in Massachusetts this year, can you talk a little about your teammates and those that came down with you?

Camren Williams: We've got me and Armani [Reeves], we've got our quarterback, A.J. Doyle who just got offered by UMass-Amherst. Pretty much everyone on our team is a prospect, so we've got some good bodies out there, some good body-types and things like that.

Lions247.com: What about you? How is everything coming along with the recruitment?

Camren Williams: Right now I have eight. I just visited Rutgers, they told me they were going to offer, so that's going to be nine. The latest was Maryland, and before that was Michigan.

Lions247.com: Where all have you been this winter and spring?

Camren Williams: For junior days I went to North Carolina, I went to USC, UConn, Maryland and Wake Forest. I liked all of them - I liked the schools, the coaches, there's nothing that I really don't like about any of them.

Lions247.com: What do you have coming up in the near future?

Camren Williams: A lot of spring practices. We're going to go see Nebraska, my dad was just talking on the phone to the Nebraska coach, we're going to see North Carolina's spring game and Penn State for their spring game and a spring practice. We're going to see UConn's spring practice, Wake Forest's spring practice.

Lions247.com: Your dad said that you wanted to decide by June, so it's kind of an accelerated process for you. Are there any schools standing out for you right now?

Camren Williams: Not really, I like all of the schools. It's still pretty much wide open out of the nine schools. I don't really have any favorites right now.

Lions247.com: Tell me about Penn State. How much contact have you been in there and what kind of things are they saying to you?

Camren Williams: They talk to me a lot. I talked to Coach Kenney and Coach Kav about three days ago, he talked to me about how he wants to bring in me, Armani and Canaan from Massachusetts. Coach Kenney sends me a lot of mail, coach Kermit Buggs inboxes me on Facebook a lot. So we talk a lot.

Lions247.com: You've been down there a few times, what is your opinion of the college, the campus, etc…?

Camren Williams: It's cool, I like it a lot. I like the campus. It's a really big school, but it's a really small, close-knit campus. Coach Paterno, the best coach in college football history. The history of Penn State is incredible, I love it.

Lions247.com: You've got a lot of different schools recruiting you, what about position?

Camren Williams: They're probably saying linebacker. Penn State actually said, Coach Kav said that they have a 'Hero' position so it kind of looks like a 4-4 look, So I would play strong safety, they're debating whether or not they want me to play that.

Lions247.com: You want to decide in June, are there maybe a few schools that are definitely going to be in it at the end?

Camren Williams: Penn State will definitely be in the mix, Wake Forest will definitely be in the mix, North Carolina, Maryland and Michigan.

Lions247.com: Are you and Armani still a package deal?

Camren Williams: We would love to go to the same school, but we know that we need to make the decision for us. It may not be a great opportunity for him, he's a totally different major, he's a totally different position, and we're different personalities. We're going to do what's best for us and hopefully it may end up being the same school.

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