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Robinson with a chance to shine

Penn State wide receiver Allen Robinson had plenty to think about after the NCAA came down hard on the Nittany Lions in July. After a few days of deliberation, however, he decided to stick with his initial school of choice.

Robinson played as a true freshman last year.

"I think it was just to play with the staff that we have. There's not too my staffs like ours in the country," said Robinson. "We've got a good training staff, some coaches with NFL experience and then Coach O'Brien, he's a good leader. When I talked to him, it was the right thing to do."

Though Robinson will never get to play in a bowl game with the Nittany Lions, he said that the team still has plenty to play for.

"We could change history," said Robinson. "I feel like not too many people would stay in a situation like this. We feel like it's bigger than that. It's bigger than a bowl game, bigger than a Big Ten championship. We've got ambitions to go to the next level, and we feel that this staff is one best staff in the country to do it."

Robinson - along with classmates Adrian Amos, Deion Barnes, Bill Belton, Kyle Carter and Donovan Smith - makeup a faction of the team self-dubbed as the 'Supa Six.' All chose to return to the team after talking it over.

"We talked about it, we all basically live in the same apartment so we all sat down and talked about it a lot," said Robinson. "We felt that it was the best thing to do. Coach O'Brien, he's a competitor. At the end of the day we want a group of people that are going to go out and play on Saturdays. I think that it's the same group of people that we have now. We may not be able to go to the Big Ten championship or bowl games, but as far as competing we have to staff to compete and the players to compete."

Robinson was listed as the No. 1 receiver on the depth chart opposite Justin Brown in June. With Brown bolting to Oklahoma, Robinson and some other young wideouts have a chance to take a big step this fall.

"I can't wait. September 1st is right around the corner," said Robinson. "There's been a lot of stuff leading up to it. I think that everyone who is excited to stay and everyone who is all-in is definitely excited and ready to get the season started."

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