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New Top247: PSU targets rise & fall

247Sports released an updated version of the 2015 football rankings, which included bumps for a number of Penn State targets.

5-star CB Minkah Fitzpatrick is on 'commit watch' this weekend.

Offered Targets

Minkah Fitzpatrick: The 6-foot, 180-pound cornerback from St. Peters Prep (N.J.) moved up three spots after the update to No. 35 overall, bumping his rating to a 97 overall.

Tristen Hoge: Despite improving his rating from a 94 to a 95 overall, the 6-foot-5 offensive lineman was dropped 15 spots in the new rankings to No. 92 overall.

Sterling Jenkins: Like Hodge, Jenkins’ rating also went up a point to a 95 overall, and the 6-foot-8 tackle moved up two spots in the overall rankings to 84 overall. Jenkins did lose his seat atop the Pennsylvania rankings, moving down to No. 2 in the Keystone State.

Ryan Bates: Bates’ overall rating moved up two points to a 93 overall, but he dropped four spots to No. 146 in the country. The 6-foot-5 lineman was also passed over in the Pennsylvania rankings, moving to No. 5 in the state.

Kareem Ali: Though the 5-foot-10 corner’s rating did not change, Ali moved into the latest Top247, checking in at No. 245 in the country.

John Reid: A big mover in the latest rankings, Reid jumped up 24 spots to No. 74 overall in the country, . The 5-foot-10 corner also overtook Jenkins as the top ranked player in the state of Pennsylvania.

Andre Robinson: Like Reid, Robinson made a big move up the 247 rankings, moving up 168 spotsinto the Top 100 and settling at No. 88 overall. The 5-foot-10 running back from Harrisburg also ascended three spots to No. 3 overall in the state of Pennsylvania.

Jordan Whitehead: Whitehead didn’t benefit from the updated rankings, moving down 34 spots to No. 187 overall. The 5-foot-10 corner from Pittsburgh moved down two spots in the Pennsylvania rankings to No. 7 in-state.

Richie Petitbon: The DC lineman found the updated rankings favorable, moving up into the Top247 at No. 205 overall. Petibon kept his 90 overall rating and moved up to the No. 1 player in the District of Columbia.

Justin Hilliard: A newly minted five star linebacker, Hilliard checks in at No. 17 overall in the country, which includes a 98 rating.

Jerome Baker: Baker moved up seven spots to No. 43 overall, and the linebacker rating increased by two points to a 97.

Josh Sweat: A recent offer by the Nittany Lions on the defensive line, Sweat is now ranked No. 53 overall, an increase of 56 spots.

Juwan Johnson: A 6-foot-4 receiver, Johnson is knocking on the Top 50 at No. 54 in the country.

Ricky DeBerry: A defensive standout from Virginia, DeBerry dropped 20 spots to No. 76 in the country, despite seeing his rating move up two points to a 96.

Matthew Burrell: Another big riser in the latest rankings, Burrell is up 159 spots to No. 89 overall, which included a five point bump to the offensive lineman’s rating.

Christian Wilkins: A defensive tackle from Connecticut, Wilkins’ ranking dropped 14 spots, which leaves him at No. 94 in the country, though his rating improved to a 95.

Isaiah Prince: A new face to the Top247 rankings, Prince is just outside the Top 100 at No. 104 overall. The offensive lineman is now rated a 94.

Grant Newsome: Another double-digit riser, Newsome moved up 59 places and is now the No. 182 player overall.

Van Jefferson: One of the final players to make the cut, Jefferson is up 152 spots, slotting the 6-foot-2 receiver in at No. 246.

Other Targets

Steven Gonzalez: The offensive lineman’s ranking increased one spot to No. 59 overall, and his rating wasn’t touched.

Darvin Taylor: The defensive lineman from Virginia is up 45 spots, and is sitting at No. 154 nationally.

Irvin Charles: A 6-foot-4 wide receiver from New Jersey, Charles’ rank increased 29 spots, which slots him at No. 158 in the country.

Jay Stocker: Stocker vaulted into the Top247 rankings, moving up 128 spots to No. 185 overall. The 6-foot-2 safety also moved up three places in the Pennsylvania rankings, where he’s now the No. 6 player in the state.

Daiquan Kelly: A new name on the Penn State radar, the 6-foot-3 Kelly is also a new name to the Top247, moving up 116 spots to No. 190 in the country.

Brandon Wimbush: The dual-threat quarterback from New Jersey is another new face in the Top247, slotting in at No. 217 nationally.

A.J. Alexander: Alexander saw his stock drop one spot, where the 6-foot-3 receiver from Virginia sits at No. 238.

Tommy Hatton: Moving up 67 places, the New Jersey lineman is now the No. 240 player in the country.

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