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Penn State AD talks coaching search

Penn State athletics director David Joyner answered questions from regarding the coaching search. Here's a partial transcript from that video interview with a link to the complete interview below.

Q: You’ve been on the job for four weeks now – just about a month. Other than the coaching search, what do you see as some of the priorities for the department?

DJ: Well I think the priorities that I see are that we maintain our Success with Honor that we’ve always done and that we have always demonstrated and I think our recent metrics on our academic success are right at the forefront. We want to continue to win games, but do it the right way.

Q: You touched on recent academic success. Penn State football team was ranked No. 1 in the annual academic BCS rankings. Describe what that means to you?

DJ: Well it means everything. It shows that this grand experiment that involves everybody here is working and that you can participate in high level, national caliber athletics and still maintain the excellent focus on your academic life.

Q. As fans around the country continue to see coaching spots fill in terms of the football world, what can you tell the fans about where the process is and why that maybe hasn’t happened here yet?

DJ: We’re about exactly where I wanted to be at this point in time and we may be conducting our search a little different than other people. I’m not saying they’re not, but we’re being very methodical and precise about what we’re doing and who we’re talking to.

Q: You touched on in Dallas last week and throughout the process that the three things you are looking for in the next coach: Integrity, academics and knows how to win football games. Has it been challenging identifying people that fit all three of those characteristics?

DJ: I wouldn’t call it challenging, but you have to look at what’s out there, who’s available and what their backgrounds are. There are lots of people that have that particular focus on life and so we don’t have a lack of people to look at.

Q: Some recent announcements in terms of conversations with President Erickson and some other administrators about a re-emphasis on academics. Some people took that as a de-emphasis on athletics. Give us your thoughts on that?

DJ: My thoughts are that the president and I talked about this a lot not specifically his article or that USA Today article, but Penn State’s really not about un-emphasizing, re-emphasizing or de-emphasizing something. I want to continue our focus on the integration and so does the president on the integration of the proper balance between athletics and academics as demonstrated by our successes over the years. Like I said in the first question, my goal is not to change anything specifically about how we approach academics and athletics, but to continue to emphasize what we've already done in the past.

One-on-one interview with David Joyner

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